Self Build Swimming Pools

Have you ever thought of building your own DIY swimming pool? Perhaps you had, but weren’t aware you could buy self-build swimming pool kits? Maybe you’re a builder who’s thought about constructing a pool? Perhaps you were worried about installing a liner or doing the plumbing and are looking for professional liner installation, or someone who can carry out pool plumbing?

If so, worry no more, Deep End Pools are the company to help you every step of the way!

Many UK home owners have thought about a self-build swimming pool, but have not taken the idea any further as they are usually daunted by a lack of specialist knowledge and experience, and access to specialist pool equipment, particular in the key areas of installing a vinyl swimming pool liner and carrying out the plumbing.

Every year Deep End Pools helps many budding self-build and DIY swimming pool builders all over Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and surrounding areas, realise the dream of building and owning their own pool. As well as supplying you with all the specialist pool equipment you’ll need to complete your project, Deep End Pools are on hand with advice and expertise at every turn, and can even carry out as few or as many stages of the construction you’d like us to, if there are any steps you don’t feel confident about doing yourself.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about a self build swimming pool construction:


There are many swimming pool construction methods on the market, each one having its own pros and cons. Here at Deep End Pools we will give you nothing short of direct, honest, and reliable product information derived from first-hand experience, and assist you in finding the ideal swimming pool kit for you during your fact-finding phase.

Needless to say, initial capital outlay on the pool build, and future ongoing running and maintenance costs are the main questions we get asked during the research into a DIY swimming pool build. We strongly recommend considering the following questions on your checklist prior to buying a self-build pool kit and starting to dig:

  1. How long are you likely to live in the your house? 5 years? 10 years? 15 years or more?

  2. What will happen to the considerable amount of spoil that will be generated during excavation phase?

  3. What will the swimming pool be principally used for? Family use? Young children to practice their swimming (under responsible supervision)? Exercise or competition / triathlon training? Or general fun?

  4. Is the swimming pool likely to be used for diving?

  5. If you’re considering an outdoor pool how long are you likely to use the swimming pool during the year? May to September? April to October? Or even open all year round?


Swimming pools employ many items of specialist swimming pool equipment throughout the entire construction process which are not available at general building suppliers or merchants. It is these items which make up the DIY pool kits supplied by Deep End Pools. Materials which are commonly available from general builders merchants, i.e. sands, cement, aggregates, steelwork, blocks etc. are not supplied by us and must be bought in from a builders merchants. However, Deep End Pools is able to provide you with estimates on the other building materials you will require to help you with your initial costings.

You may also need to employ the use of some specialist tools but, again, we can advise you on what you will require for your particular project. Where you contract Deep End Pools to carry out any specialist stages of the work on your behalf, such as the pool plumbing, or liner installation for example, we will bring in the specialist tools required for those parts of the project. Other qualified skills required for particular aspects of pool construction could include:

  • A groundwork specialist.
  • An electrician, for the pool plant electrics. It is a mandatory requirement that all electrical work is carried out and certified by a competent and qualified person. Ask us for more details on pool plant electrics.
  • Gas, oil or refrigerant engineers for ongoing services and commissioning, dependent upon your chosen heat source for your pool. Again, get in touch with us for more detailed advice on these points.


During our consultation period when planning your DIY pool project, Deep End Pools experts take the time to understand your specific needs and requirements. This helps us to help you plan out your project and prepare the site to ensure it goes off smoothly and timely so you can go from garden to swimming with the minimum of delays.

Every different DIY swimming pool construction method requires different overdigs and depths to the initial groundworks. As we use these same methods to complete the pool builds we carry out on behalf of our clients, we are able to assist you with any questions you may have. Once you have chosen Deep End Pools to assist you in your DIY pool installation, you’ll then need to think about and decide:

  • Deep End Pools dig / DIY dig?
  • Deep End Pools pool construction / DIY pool construction?
  • Deep End Pools plumbing / DIY plumbing?
  • Deep End Pools screed / DIY screed?
  • Deep End Pools liner installation / DIY liner installation?
  • Deep End Pools swimming pool surround / DIY swimming pool surround?

We can arrange for on-site consultancy and design meetings between our specialist swimming pool projects mangers and your own in-house construction team to assist them in the construction of your pool.


As Deep End Pools are experts in constructing all types of swimming pools we can assist you in every step of your self-build swimming pool project. We have first-hand experience and knowledge of all of the pool equipment we sell – there is nothing that we’ll supply to you for your DIY pool build that we don’t use and install on our own projects ourselves. When you purchase pool equipment and any services from Deep End Pools, you can rest assured that you are buying products and services from a SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) award winning swimming pool installation company. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that any products supplied and services or works performed by Deep End Pools are to the highest possible standards.

To learn more about DIY self-build swimming pools, discuss your options, or arrange a no-obligation initial meeting and site survey, please call 01494 671787