Most outdoor pool owners choose to close their swimming pools down over the Autumn and Winter period, and put it into a dormant state with the water treated appropriately to keep it protected and in optimum condition until it is reopened in the Spring.

It is extremely important that this ‘winterisation’ process is carried out properly and professionally to prevent potential damage the pool shell, pool finish, pipework and plant room equipment by a combination of harsh winter conditions and deterioration through lack of use, as well as ensure that the pool water is in the best condition possible to recover it when the pool is recommissioned in the following Spring.

The potential costs of rectifying damage caused through improper or botched winterisation can, in severe cases, be considerable; so it’s a job for trained, knowledgeable, and experienced people, and certainly not for amateurs, cowboys or fly-by-nights.

The highly-trained, professional team at Deep End Pools have decades of expertise and experience winterising and recommissioning thousands of pools over many years, and are the experts to entrust this hugely important annual task to.

With a Deep End Pools Winter Close Service, you’ll benefit from the following services and procedures carried out on your pool:

  • Backwash filter for prolonged period until media-bed is completely cleared and clean.
  • Remove solid visible debris from the pool by netting and vacuuming.
  • Lower pool level 2-4 inches (5cm to 10cm) below skimmer mouth(s), but not more than 18 inches (45cm)
  • Drain filtration system and all exposed pipework.
  • Drain and empty any chemical feeder or auto-doser.
  • Remove all drain plugs to a secure place.
  • Remove summer cover and place in storage to customer’s requirements.
  • Remove any pool cleaning device and store with summer cover.
  • Remove any accessories, e.g. steps, boards, rollers, nets, brushes and store.
  • Isolate electricity supply to pool equipment.
  • Spray motors and other electrical devices with a water dispersant fluid.
  • Isolate gas supply to heater, switch off power, and drain safety device.
  • Adjust pH to 7.2 using appropriate chemical(s).
  • Super chlorinate pool water to 10ppm using a high quality shock chemical.
  • Thoroughly mix and disperse chemicals throughout pool using satellite pump.
  • Fit and adjust winter cover.

In the run up to the close-down season, we strongly recommend you book your Winterisation Service as soon as possible to guarantee your preferred date and time slot. While winterising your swimming pool, experienced Deep End Pools technicians will inspect and make notes on the condition and performance of the pool and plant equipment and advise you of any faults or problems they find which will require attention before the pool is recommissioned in the Spring.

We also request that your winter debris cover is easily accessible, as is the pool’s plant room. If the winter debris cover needs replacing, or you don’t yet have one, please get in touch with us for details of products available and pricing.

To learn more about our Winterising Service, to get a quote, or to book in a date and time to have your pool winterised, please call 01494 671787