Film and Television Work

Deep End Pools are the UK’s foremost suppliers and consultants to the film, television and media industries, where a need for swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, fountains, and water tanks is required for a particular production or shoot. So if you’re in need of a TV swimming pool, or a water feature or hot tub for a film, call us first.

Our most high-profile work has been as the builder and assigned service provider of the UK’s most televised pool since 2007, Channel 4 and Channel 5’s Big Brother house swimming pool. Deep End Pools were selected for the project due to our unique swimming pool design and construction skills and experience, and our highly motivated, ‘can-do’ work ethic that allows us to work flexibly and to the tight deadlines often required in film and TV work, both on and off set.

Deep End Pools have also supplied many hot tubs for backstage comfort use for high profile celebrities involved in television and film productions; for example, for actors looking to warm up or relax between shooting scenes involving periods immersed in cold water.

Our Buckinghamshire offices are less than four miles from Pinewood studios, and we’re also in close proximity to other key studios and locations in London, Elstree, Leavesden, and Shepperton. This means that we can react to the needs of production companies working in these locations quickly, whether it’s product deliveries or manpower on set.

Other key strengths which have made Deep End Pools the first-choice for many production companies is our ability to think creatively and outside the box, assisting set designers and producers in creating some truly amazing results in some very memorable productions.

We have also worked on many features for local photographers and are available to service swimming pools for use during photo-shoots and filming.

To learn more about the ways in which Deep End Pools can assist you with your TV, film, and media production needs, or to arrange a no-obligation initial meeting and site survey, please call 01494 671787