Swimming Pool Liners

The liner pool is one of the most common methods of pool construction in the UK, as walls can be constructed in a variety of materials, shapes and configurations, and a liner provides not only a cost-effective finish, but is very soft and comfortable on the feet, acts as the water-retaining membrane (meaning the pool shell itself does not have to be watertight), and with modern materials on the market today available in an almost limitless array of colours, patterns, tile bands and motifs.

A good quality liner, installed properly and looked after well, will last typically between ten and twenty years. There comes a point in every liner’s life however when the ravages of being exposed to the sun, frost, the elements and chemically treated water will necessitate it being replaced.

Deep End Pools is the company of choice to take care of this hugely important facet of pool refurbishment for you. At Deep End Pools, we don’t just show up at your home, rip out your old liner and throw in a new one. We have changed literally hundreds of liners in the south and south west of England over the years and our experience extends to every type of pool wall construction, every liner style, grade and beading type, and almost every combination of colours and patterns. There is no situation we haven’t come across, which is vitally important. To have a blemish, wrinkle, and imperfection free finished result, this is not a job to entrust to amateurs and fly-by-nights.


Why indeed. We’re pretty sure you’ll find someone somewhere who could do it cheaper than we can. Well, there are a whole host of very good reasons.


Firstly, quality of product and choice of finishes. We use only the highest quality, premium grade virgin vinyl, specially formulated for swimming pool applications, in our liners. In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of colours, patterns, tile bands and motifs available to pool owners, which can be combined in any mix, which means that there are so many combinations available that the choice for consumers is almost limitless. So much so, you can design something that is almost unique to you, from a very traditional look, to something more individual and contemporary. Our specialist liner pool consultants will be happy to talk you through your options and show you sample swatches of materials and patterns.

All of our vinyl liners are manufactured at our purpose-built manufacturing facility in Leeds, equipped with the very latest vinyl cutting and welding technology, which has manufactured swimming pool liners since 1976. This is where the whole start to finish process of creating your liner happens; from receiving your order; designing the cutting patterns; welding together the separate panels and final packing and shipping.

Every tiny detail is considered and monitored when creating your liner. The CAD process uses a programme specifically developed to recreate your pool structure in a virtual 3D form from the raw dimensions, and automatically factors-in the vital shrink allowances that are required to make sure the final product is an absolutely perfect fit. Automated cutting tables ensure pin-point accuracy and neatness in cutting out the individual flat panels of high quality virgin vinyl your liner will be assembled from.

Our high frequency welding machines employ a unique soft bar welding technique, specifically designed for the creation of pool liners, and ensure a solid, but smooth, seam weld. The welding machines themselves are installed in specially constructed concrete recesses in the factory floor to ensure materials remain flat and are not stretched and distorted over tables or frames.

The finished liner is inspected meticulously by quality control, then, after passing this inspection, carefully rolled and packed in a reinforced drum so that handling when it arrives on site to the poolside is as easy as possible.


When your new pool liner is delivered to your home, the process of replacing your old one is performed in a number of systematic and meticulously followed steps by our highly trained, expert and experienced pool technicians to ensure when your pool is refurbished by fitting your new liner, the finish is impeccable and you get the maximum number years performance from your pool before the liner needs changing again.

That process is as follows:

  • Empty the pool to the best location available to us.
  • Carefully remove the old liner from the pool.
  • Take away all through-wall pool fittings in order to match up with new face plates and gaskets, where possible
  • Meticulously clean the pool shell using our in-house proven techniques.
  • Thoroughly inspect every square inch of the entire pool shell with the benefit of the liner being absent, and report back any issues found to the client with recommendations for any remedial action required.
  • Repair any minor problems or blemishes in the pool walls or floor.
  • Report back on and repair any broken linerlock track.
  • Report back on and repair any damage to roman ends or stairs.
  • Prepare the shell to accept new swimming pool liner.
  • Carefully install the new swimming pool liner.
  • As the pool fills, monitor and replace through-wall pool fitting gaskets and face plates.
  • Once the pool is full, apply an initial dose of chemicals, balance the water, and commission the pool filtration system.


The other benefit you get when replacing an old liner is that the new one will transform the look of your pool instantly! For the finishing touches, don’t forget we replace the existing pool fitting face plates and gaskets with new, fresh, clean ones where possible. These will complement your new liner perfectly, and make a pool which may be decades old look like it was built yesterday. The last thing to consider when your new liner is fitted is the coping stones. These may benefit from anything from a good clean to complete replacement. In either case, you can be sure the team at Deep End Pools are the guys and girls to make them pristine again for you!