Swimming Pool Surrounds

Is your swimming pool’s surround looking a little tired and a bit worse for wear? Is your poolside patio dirty and stained? Do your surround coping stones need some TLC, or replacement? Does your entire pool surround need complete refurbishment?

Your pool surround is a very important part of your swimming pool installation and it’s vitally important that it remains safe for the bathers using it, as well as aesthetically attractive. Algae build ups, for example, are not only very unsightly, but are very slippery and can cause potential injuries if a bather slips up on it. Similarly, any cracked, broken or shifted paving, tiling or copings can be trip hazards and lead to cut feet. It is important therefore to maintain and repair your pool surround to ensure it remains both attractive and safe for you and your loved ones. This is not a job to leave in the hands of amateurs, corner-cutters, or fly-by-nights!

Deep End Pools’ teams of highly trained, skilled and experienced swimming pool technicians have many years experience repairing, preparing and installing swimming pool surrounds to the very highest of standards. We construct many new swimming pool installations with a wide variety of specialist swimming pool surrounds and coping stones, offering you a complete turn-key solution to your pool surround needs. Deep End Pools services include

  • Deep cleaning of ageing surround paving, tiling, and coping stones.
  • Removing and replacing old, worn, and broken swimming pool paving, tiling, and copings.
  • Repairing and preparing swimming pool surround foundations, ready to accept a new swimming pool surround.
  • Laying new swimming pool surrounds to the highest of standards, whether laid using more conventional materials, or working with specialist stones.
  • Experience in all forms of surround finishes, including concrete, natural stones, tiles, timber decking and synthetic materials.

Deep End Pools employs its own in-house and highly trained team of specialist builders to construct and lay your perfect swimming pool surround.


Sundeck rubber chip flooring has long been used in schools, hotels, holiday parks, theme parks and leisure centres, and is an excellent, safe, and durable finish to a pool surround. Sundeck rubber chip swimming pool surround finishes offer a soft, warm underfoot feeling for those walking on it barefoot, which is firm, yet much more yielding that other hard surround finishes like concrete, tile, or stone. This minimises the risks of bathers injuring themselves if they fall over, than they would on a tiled or paved surface.

Deep End Pools are expert and highly experienced installers of Sundeck rubber chip pool surround finishes, having completed hundreds of swimming pool surrounds in schools, hotels and residential swimming pools in the material. Sundeck rubber chip surrounds offer a great, safe and practical alternative to paving. A Sundeck rubber chip floor drains freely so that water does not pool on the surface, is non-slip, can be installed within a week, and is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor pools and in commercial or residential applications.

Aesthetically, Sundeck rubber chip flooring is available in a huge variety of colours and blends of colours giving a huge range of colours and shades to choose from. Different colours can be laid side by side to differentiate different areas or zones and, subject to the complexity involved, certain logos and motifs can be constructed from it.

To learn more about to swimming pool surround repair, replacement and refurbishment and Sundeck rubber chip flooring, or to arrange a no-obligation meeting or site visit to discuss your needs and inspect your pool, please call 01494 671787