Plantroom Overhaul and Refurbishment

The plant room is the nerve-centre and heart-beat of your swimming pool. If anything goes wrong in the plant room it often brings the whole pool operation to a standstill and can cause knock-on effects in other items of equipment. In a new pool, you’re extremely unlikely to get any issues with your plant room, if it was installed by a reputable company to governing standards using quality equipment. However, just as an older car requires regular inspection and repair to negate the effects of age, wear and tear, so does the equipment in your swimming pool plant room to keep your pool functioning at maximum efficiency, keeping down running costs, and minimising the chances of breakdowns.


Perhaps your swimming pool plant room could do with a service? We would, of course, recommend one of our Deep End Pools regular service packages for on-going monitoring and maintenance.


In older pools, inevitably various repairs will be required from time to time, along with the occasional replacement of entire items of equipment. Deep End Pools have many, many years experience and expertise diagnosing, repairing and replacing all items of plant room equipment, including…

  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool pumps.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool plumbing, pipework and valves.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool gas, oil, and electric heating.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool heat exchangers.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool heat pumps.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool dehumidification and indoor pool climate control equipment.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool electrical panels and control systems.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool chemical monitoring and dosing systems.
  • Repair and replacement of swimming pool solar and other renewable heating systems.

In cases where pool plant equipment is very old, and a number of items or appliances need repairing or replacing, it may be better and more cost-effective to have a complete plant room overhaul or refurbishment, and projects of this nature are regularly entrusted to the highly skilled and experienced pool technicians here at Deep End Pools.

We would visit your home, look at the size and volume of your pool, and put together a specification for the removal and replacement of new equipment to bring your pool plant room equipment up to current standards and regulations, and deliver the most efficient and quiet operation, whilst minimising on-going running costs.

A Deep End Pools plant room refurbishment gives your swimming pool an entirely new lease of life. A new pool pump and filter can make an enormous difference to your pool water clarity, for example. Employing the latest pumps, filters, heating systems, and dosing equipment not only brings your equipment into the 21st century, but can also make a big difference in reducing your running costs, as energy-efficiency is a major driver in the design of modern pool equipment.

Safety is a primary consideration when considering a pool plant room refurbishment. Damaged and dangerous electrics, faulty timers and old pump switches which can jam can all raise serious safety issues and pose potential fire hazards if not addressed.

To learn more about repairs to swimming pool plant room repair and refurbishment, or to arrange a no-obligation meeting or site visit to discuss your needs and inspect your pool, please call 01494 671787