How are Swimming Pools Made?

Nothing epitomises having a luxury home quite like owning your own indoor or outdoor swimming pool. The ability to go for a morning swim or relax in the sun with a mojito by the pool, all in the comfort of your own property, is a pleasure that can’t be underestimated. 

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Having a swimming pool installed in your home or in your garden can also add a ton of value to your property, but how are they made? Here we go into a bit more detail for you.

Types of Swimming Pool

There are many different types of swimming pool from low-cost above-ground fibreglass pools to large bespoke concrete builds. The construction process varies depending on the type of pool and whether it is being built outside or within an existing structure.

Pools can be made from a variety of different materials, but some of the main types of pools are vinyl pools, fibreglass pools and concrete or plaster pools. A concrete pool is one of the most hard-wearing options so this is often the material of choice for high end pool projects. Each style and material has its own pros and cons, but the consistent requirement is that they have to be safe and durable.


How Are Swimming Pools Made?

The Design Stage

The design stage of a luxury swimming pool installation is absolutely crucial to the success of the project. Pools must meet water-tightness regulations as set out in British Standard 8007:1987, which states that ‘During the 7 day test period the total permissible drop in water level after allowing for evaporation should not exceed 1/500th of the average water depth of the full tank, 10 mm or another specified amount.’

So, as well as focusing on the aesthetics of the pool and working with clients to construct the perfect pool for them, designers must also ensure that the pool will be structurally sound and comply with British regulation. Depending on whether a client would like an indoor or outdoor pool, for fitness or for leisure, will have a profound impact on the design

Swimming Pool Construction

Once the design stage has been completed, then work on construction can begin. The drawings and designs of the pool will be used to inform the excavation and construction process. Stakes will be driven into the corners and outlining of the pool area - if the pool is being built outside - and then earth-moving machinery will be used to excavate the area.

The space in which the pool will be located will be shaped according to the design which has been chosen. As well as the main structure, the pool builder will need to install the plumbing so that the pool can be drained and filtered.

If a liner is being used the pool builder will create walls and a base before adding the liner on top. If gunite or concrete is being used this will be filled in once the plumbing is in place. 

Once the pool structure, and the plumbing elements, are complete all that’s left is to add the finishing touches such as steps and edging tiles.