Pool Insurance Works


The vast majority of well-constructed swimming pools built by experienced, diligent, and reputable pool builders operate happily for decades with regular service and maintenance, the odd repair here and there, and the occasional refurbishment. On very rare occasions however, unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the home owner can cause severe damage to pools and pool equipment which require major reconstruction or repair, and the involvement of the home owner’s insurance company; often in an emergency in order to prevent further damage occurring and adding to mounting costs and compromising safety and usage.

Incidents such as fire, flooding, and ground subsidence to name three, can cause sudden, catastrophic, and costly damage. If you are unfortunate enough to experience such a situation, you need to quickly bring in the services of a highly professional and experienced swimming pool company to assess, cost, and carry out the work necessary to prevent further damage and cost incurrence. You also need one that is experienced in working and liaising with your insurers to ensure this is expedited as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Deep End Pools is that swimming pool company, with many years experience in carrying out swimming pool emergency works and insurance repair works.

Deep End Pools guarantee to get to you in the quickest possible time in a swimming pool emergency. Once on site Deep End Pools’ experienced technicians and engineers carry out a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the situation and isolate any immediate problems required to minimise any further damage.

Deep End Pools has many years experience in carrying out swimming pool insurance repair works, and are the recommended pool builders and repairers by many of the UK’s top insurance companies. All Deep End Pools insurance works are carried out fully to SPATA standards and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and finish, as our specialist refurbishment team have vast experience working on all types swimming pools, finishes, and associated structures.

Insurance works carried out by Deep End Pools can include, but aren’t limited to…

  • Ground subsidence under and surrounding the swimming pool.
  • Swimming pool shell repairs.
  • Swimming pool finish repairs.
  • Damaged swimming pool liner replacement.
  • Swimming pool structural repairs.
  • Swimming pool surround repairs.
  • Swimming pool pipework replacement and repair.
  • Swimming pool fire damage repair.
  • Swimming pool flood damage repair.
  • Swimming pool building and enclosure repairs.
  • Swimming pool plant room refurbishment and replacement.

To learn more about our swimming pool insurance works and emergency repair services, to get a quote, or to book an emergency call out, please call 01494 671787