Reinforced Membrane Pool Finish

The ideal system for new and existing Swimming Pools that guarantees absolute water-tightness and gives beauty to your pool

Reinforced membranes are the most widely used material for any swimming pool finish due to its many benefits. Its exceptional strength comes from a 1.5mm thick polyester reinforced mesh which enables it to withstand intensive use and severe knocks from even the most enthusiastic swimmers. It also has a special formula that includes a UV stabilising treatment which can withstand exposure to all extremes of weather, retaining its properties year after year.

Guaranteed for ten years, with a life expectancy nearer 15 to 20 years, the reinforced swimming pool finish system can be used on new or existing pools. They can be comfortably run at temperatures up to 33ºC (91ºF) without any detrimental effect on the expected life of the finish.

There are several coloured, textured and patterned options available as well as slip resistant step lining


Plain Colours

Patterned Range

Touch Range

The Touch range has a unique advantage over other reinforced membranes being the first to be manufactured 2mm thick making it the most durable product on the market.

It also has a superior appearance with a high relief embossing that simulates natural surfaces such as slate, granite, sand and marble, giving any pool a unique character.

Ceramic Range

A finish with the aesthetics of the ancient temples of classical Greece and all the advantages that a reinforced membrane offers. Thicker than the traditional colours in order to achieve the grouted mosaic look, the Ceramic range is one of the most resistant, impermeable and lasting finishes on the market.