Replacement Plumbing and Pipework

Does your pool suffer with leaking plumbing and pipework? Do you have cracked pipes? Is your swimming pool losing water and it’s not immediately obvious from where? Is your pool’s plumbing and pipework very old and in need of some attention?

Whilst not normally an issue for a well looked after swimming pool that’s new or a few years old, pool plumbing can become damaged, leading potentially to leaks, for a variety of reasons. Ground can become unsettled, frost can cause damage, or weak underground joints which eventually fail. These are some of the more common issues, particularly on much older pools, where Deep End Pools’ expertise is often called upon for a speedy diagnosis and rectification of pool plumbing and pipework issues.


Diagnosing and rectifying issues in swimming pool pipework and flow-control fittings, particularly those that are underwater and/or underground requires specialist skills, expertise, experience and equipment. A structured, systematic, and methodical approach is vital in order to find out where the issue is initially, minimise the time and disruption caused in accessing it, particularly if any paving or lawn needs digging up, and, in doing so, keep the cost down to you to the minimum required. It is not a job for amateurs and fly-by-nights and, if not conducted properly, could result in costing more money and areas of your garden perhaps dug-up unnecessarily.

Here at Deep End Pools we have many, many years experience in diagnosing and rectifying leaking pipework whether it be a minor weep to a full replumb of the pool, employing a variety of techniques and the latest technologies. Our expertise extends to all types of pool plumbing and pipework, including ABS, PVC, PE, and cast iron, making Deep End Pools your go to choice for entrusting with this work to keep your costs and disruption to a minimum.

Deep End Pools are SPATA (the Swimming Pools & Allied Trades Association) members, your assurance and peace of mind that your pool plumbing and pipework will be repaired to the highest possible standards and will last for many, many more years to come.

To learn more about repairs to swimming pool plumbing and pipework, or to arrange a no-obligation meeting or site visit to discuss your needs and inspect your pool, please call 01494 671787