Solar Powered Covers

Solar Power Slatted Cover

This Solar Powered Slatted Cover is an above ground pool cover system that is an ideal solution if space around your pool is limited. The two end stands are slim and discreet, which creates an attractive and tidy finish. Suitable for pools up to 12m x 6m, this cover is fully automatic and is calibrated to suit your specific pool. It is available with a wide variety of slats and of course is manufactured with all the high quality components that you would expect from a traditional slatted cover.

Because of this independent solar power source, no additional power cables are required. This allows it to be installed effortlessly for both new and existing pools. It has a great battery capacity and will therefore run 20x the full programme without any solar energy charging (based on slatted cover of 10m x 5m). Should the battery run empty, the cover has an integrated connection for the battery charger on the side console.

Why Choose this Cover?

  • Suitable for both existing and new build pools, both indoor and outdoor
  • Environmentally friendly with up to 70% energy saving
  • Available with PVC slats, 3 varieties - Included in Cost
  • Available with Polycarbonate slats, 3 varieties - Additional cost
  • Easy operation (fully automatic)
  • Simple installation