A swimming pools is a complex and interdependent system of items of electro-mechanical and electronic equipment, water-retaining structure(s), and fluid-handling and water treatment plant. Heated and/or indoor swimming pools have more systems and equipment integrated than outdoor and unheated installations.

As with any such similar complex systems, in order to maximise the performance, minimise running costs, minimise any downtime and avoid unnecessary costs and aggravation caused by neglect, a regime of regular maintenance and service procedures is required to keep your pool in optimum condition.

Some pool owners choose to carry out these regular service procedures themselves, and we are happy to offer training customers to enable them to do this if requested. However, the overwhelming majority of Deep End Pools clients neither have the time, nor the inclination to do so, and instead opt for a regular weekly service contract and entrust it to the hands of the dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced and professional service team here at Deep End Pools.


Deep End Pools weekly swimming pool service plans are the number one choice for a trouble-free swimming pool all summer long. Deep End Pools weekly swimming pool service visits are ideal if you’re looking for the peace of mind of knowing your pool is clean, safe, hygienic and ready to use whenever you want to. We boast a 99% success rate in avoiding an algae infestation and the pool turning green with clients signed up to a Deep End Pools weekly service visit. Minimal client intervention is required when you have a Deep End Pools weekly service contract.
One of our highly trained and experienced Deep End Pools technicians systematically carries out the following procedures during a weekly swimming pool service visit:

  • Net swimming pool of any solid debris.
  • Vacuum swimming pool of any fine debris.
  • Backwash and rinse media bed in swimming pool filter, or wash cartridge filter.
  • Test and maintain water balance to include: pH, residual sanitiser (chlorine, bromine etc), Alkalinity, Total dissolved solids, and when needed any other specialists tests for ozone etc.
  • Ensure the water temperature is maintained at client’s desired set point.
  • Check and inspect swimming pool shell and all equipment for the onset of any defects, i.e. leaks, bearing noises etc.
  • Ensure skimmer(s) are operating correctly and empty strainer(s) as required.
  • Brush swimming pool walls and tile band.
  • Prepare swimming pool for shock treatment.
  • Deep End Pools Service Contract customers are prioritised during peak season to ensure preferential and dependable attention.


Deep End Pools’ fortnightly swimming pool service visits or bi-weekly swimming pool service visits are designed to cater to the same needs as our renowned weekly service visit, but geared towards owners of indoor pools. This is the ideal pool service contract for you if you own an indoor pool with fair to light usage (also known as ‘light bathing load’). If your indoor pool is more heavily used, we recommend one of our weekly swimming pool service visits. We do not recommend our fortnightly swimming pool service at all for owners of outdoor pools.

Fortnightly swimming pool service visits necessitate minimal levels of additional maintenance on the part of the customer, and return a 100% success rate with indoor pools never turning green.


Deep End Pools monthly swimming pool service contracts are ideal for all swimming pool owners who like DIY, and are the perfect combination of regular on-going maintenance by the pool owner or pool owner’s employee/staff, supported by regular Deep End Pools’ expertise, experience and input.

Deep End Pools will support you with your regular maintenance regime and inspect your pool and plant room on a monthly basis to check for any faults or defects. The Deep End Pools monthly service contract is perfect for those who enjoy maintaining their own swimming pool but like the benefit of an expert’s opinion and support on a semi-regular basis.

Please note we do not vacuum pools on our monthly plans

To learn more about our Service Plans, to get a quote, or to book in a date and time to have your pool serviced, please call 01494 671787