Endless Swimming Pools

Are you limited on space in which you can install a traditional swimming pool? Or, are you looking for a facility where you can swim for long distances without having to stop swimming and make a turn? If so, an Endless pool offers you solutions to these needs.

An Endless pool is a very small swimming pool which can be installed in locations where there is very limited space. Their unique feature is a special housing which generates a very strong, broad and smooth flow of water, like you would find in a fast flowing river. A bather then swims against this counter-current flow, adjusting the flow to their desired speed for their needs and ability. This allows the swimmer to swim for great distances without ever leaving the same spot or having to stop and make a turn. It’s a bit like the swimming equivalent of a running machine or a treadmill!

Endless pools are the perfect choice for those looking for a swimming pool for:

  • Health & fitness.
  • Aquatic exercise.
  • Aquatic therapy.
  • Competitive training.
  • Swimming practice.
  • Family fun.

Endless pools are quick to install, easy to maintain, economical to run, and fit in easily to new or existing spaces, indoors or outside. Their small pool size means Endless exercise pools use less chemicals, and cost less to run and heat than traditional swimming pools.

Endless, or infinity swimming, pools are ideally suited for small courtyard gardens and are perfect for those training for competitions and triathlons, due to their unique ability to allow you to swim for great distances continuously.

Deep End Pools, have installed many Endless style swimming pools, each one uniquely different from pools in garage conversions, log cabin style buildings, to semi-sunken in-ground wooden swimming pools.

For those already with an existing swimming pool, the benefits of counter-current swimming can be enjoyed by retro-fitting a counter-current device such as the Endless Pools Fast Lane.

To learn more about Endless swimming, or arrange a no-obligation initial meeting and site survey to discuss your needs, please call 01494 671787