Automatic Slatted Covers

Hidden From View

A slatted pool cover consists of a system of floating slats that are rolled around a stainless steel roller. The cover is opened and closed automatically and silently by means of an in-roller motor. The drive and the roller mechanism are integrated into the swimming pool and are therefore virtually hidden from view.

Advanced technology and a special recess in the swimming pool allow this cover to be installed entirely below the surface of the water and thus be hidden away in a pit or cave. The result is a cover that seems to appear from nowhere.

A slatted covered swimming pool is also a thing of beauty. It’s easy to operate and it’s durable. You can even achieve energy savings of up to 70%. It also keeps your pool water clean and if used in conjunction with a handrail can enhance the safety aspect.

It offers you more than just ease of use and durability. It is by far the most attractive solution for protecting your pool water. The taut lines of the floating slats refine the appearance of your swimming pool.

Why do things the hard way. It is the most practical and comfortable swimming pool cover that you could wish for. The user-friendly control allows your swimming pool to be covered with ease, even for short periods. The silent drive motor operates with just one press of the button. The drive mechanism stops automatically as soon as the cover has fully opened or closed but you can also stop it at any moment in between.

Available in a variety of colours, they come in both PVC and Polycarbonate high quality options.

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