12 tips for designing your garden around your swimming pool

The designing and building of a swimming pool can be time-consuming and sometimes even frustrating. Besides the fact that you want your swimming pool to be functional and custom-fit for your family, you also don’t want it to be an eye-sore.

It must be beautiful to look at all year-round, even when you are not using it. So it makes sense to consider how the landscaping around your swimming pool will be affected by the seasons and generally over time.

Designing your garden around your swimming pool

In this blog, we give you tips for designing your garden around your swimming pool. A well-designed garden can significantly enhance your swimming area and give you pleasure for years to come. The secret? It lies in the planning.


Tip one: Who are you?

It pays to take a few days to think about what you want from a garden.

Are you a sunseeker? Does your heart race faster when you think about spending time outdoors, planting, pruning, and weeding? If gardening relaxes you and takes away your stress, you should design your garden around your swimming pool to fill this need.

Welcome home

Perhaps you are away a lot. Then, you’d want your garden (and your swimming pool) to be low-maintenance and ready to enjoy the minute you walk into the door.

Try pot plants for minimalism and the freedom to rearrange more easily

Do you see what we mean? Take the time to think about who you are, and then design a garden that fits your personality and family life.

(While we are on the topic, have you considered an indoor pool or even a partly covered one?)


Tip two: Google is your friend

It is time now to gather some ideas. There is much to be said about the Internet age and its negative aspects, but when it comes to designing a garden, Google is your friend.

Dig in!

Once you start your virtual digging, you’ll find a treasure-trove of ideas. Take your time to sort your favourite images. What is practical, and what could work in your space? Even then, don’t disregard a preferred image just because it might not work. Perhaps you can modify an idea.

If you’ve got small children, you may consider more space for playing around the pool and harder wearing, evergreen plants. A luxury pool in an expensive hotel might focus more on exclusive, high maintenance plants. Find your ideas on Instagram with hashtags like #Poolinspo and #PoolDesign. It is there for the taking!


Tip three: Know your trees

Perhaps you dream about a lush tree beside your swimming pool. Our third tip says to make sure you know which tree you are introducing to your garden. Most trees look wonderfully impressive above ground, but what is going on below?

Respect the trees when planning a pool installation

UK problem trees

Take the sycamore tree, for example. It has an aggressive root system that can crack paving and eventually damage your swimming pool.

The leaves of the sycamore tree are also a problem. It falls far quicker than you ever can clean up. The Southern Magnolia, silver maple trees and willow trees are also UK problem trees. Be sure that the tree you choose for your swimming pool designer garden won’t cause you problems later on.


Tip four: Grab a pencil.

Even if you struggle to draw a stickman, we will strongly urge you to grab a pencil and a piece of paper before you move a muscle in your new garden.

  • Start by measuring the total area where you’d want your garden to be.
  • Think about the sun and shadow, what to leave and what to rip out. (If you are starting a new garden from scratch, designing should be easier as you have a clean slate.)
  • Now, draw a diagram and start adding your ideas.
  • Be creative! You can even make a mood board. Mood boards are great for visualising and making others see your vision. Check out our Pinterest page here for some pool inspiration and make your own board.


Tip five: Don’t forget the swimming pool

After all, you are designing your garden to fit your swimming pool and your lifestyle. Your design ideas should match the shape, design and outlay of your pool. It might be obvious, but it is easy to get carried away.

A fit for life

Should you have a small, intimate splash pool, it won’t make much sense in landscaping grass all around it. An intimate setting asks for more privacy.

Likewise, a huge family pool with a diving board should incorporate wide open spaces for running and playing. Remember, once a designed garden is finished, it can be a costly affair to fix mistakes.

Swimming pool view through arches

Tip six: Don’t be afraid to call in professional help.

Call in for advice!

At Deep End Pools, we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive, all-inclusive service. We know that designing your garden can feel intimidating, especially if you don’t have green fingers.

If you are looking to completely redesign and renovate a garden we can often manage the whole process obviously including the pool installation work but with larger gardens and outbuildings etc, it could be better for you to work with one of our local, reliable landscape design or architect partners. Remember, you have to live with your choices for a long time, especially when it comes to landscaping and choosing plant options.

Our professional team will ease your mind about your ideas, their practicality and how to execute them. Sit back, relax, and feel the magic happening with Deep End Pools. We can even take the headache out of the planning permission you might need.


Thirsty for more?

Here are six more quick tips for designing your garden around your swimming pool:

  • Avoid messy plants or plants that can stain your swimming pool or paving.
  • Be aware of exposed views. You don’t want that nosy neighbour to see everything that is happening around your pool.
  • Plants that attract too many insects around a pool can be a nuisance. Do your homework!
  • Scented plants around the pool area are a great idea to add to the overall ambience.
  • Creeping plants can soften harsh building materials. Low-laying rectangular plants, together with earthy materials, can create a tropical look.
  • A flawless, quality lawn can make your whole pool area feel luxurious - Don’t rule out synthetic grass for low maintenance and lush, year-round green. We’d actually recommend it.



Take a stand Perhaps the most crucial aspect of designing your poolside garden is to be clear on the primary purpose of your pool and its surrounding areas.

Should your pool be purely a design feature, or are you looking for family recreation? Do you want a place of relaxation or an area with a buzz? Your main purpose is what determines the result.

Make it happen!


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