The Ultimate Checklist for Swimming Pool Maintenance

A sparkling swimming pool is the ultimate addition to any garden, but keeping it that way requires regular maintenance. To ensure your swimming pool stays crystal clear, Deep End Pools have created a checklist to guide you through the various tasks, keeping your pool perfect this summer! 

Keeping your pool crystal clear - Weekly Essentials:

  • Check the filter: Your filter is the workhorse of your pool so ensuring no dirt or debris gets trapped is a must. Every swimming pool comes with a pressure gauge which indicates and measures the pressure inside your pool's filtration system. A high reading indicated a dirty filter which is in need of cleaning. We advise you to check your filter and pressure gauge at least once a week. 
  • Remove debris: Use a leaf net weekly to remove any leaves, insects and any other floating debris. 
  • Vacuum the pool: Dirt and debris settle at the bottom of the pool and this is where your vacuum takes place. Use your swimming pool vacuum at least once a week to remove this sediment, keeping your water sparkling clean. 

Maintaining chemical balance: 

  • Test your water: At Deep End Pools we advise you to test your swimming pool waters at least once a week, especially during peak swimming seasons. We recommend having a good water testing kit to test your pools chlorine levels, pH and alkalinity. 
  • Adjust chemicals: Based on your test results, adjust the chlorine levels, pH, or alkalinity using recommended pool chemicals. 

Monthly tasks:

  • Shock the pool: Shocking the pool with chlorine shock treatment helps kill bacteria and contaminants that regular chlorine might miss. This step is very important and should be carried out after heavy use or following heavy rain. 
  • Clean the Filter Thoroughly: While you check the filter weekly, give it a more intensive clean every few weeks following the manufacturer's instructions. This ensures optimal filtration.
  • Inspect the Pool: Take a good look around the pool for any cracks, loose tiles, or damaged equipment. Addressing minor issues promptly prevents bigger problems down the line.

Maintaining your pool can feel overwhelming, but Deep End Pools is here to help! We offer a variety of pool supplies, chemicals, and expert advice to keep your pool sparkling. Visit us today or browse our online store for everything you need for a summer of endless poolside fun!

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