The Impressive Health Benefits of Swimming

If you thought that adding a pool would only offer property benefits, think again! Not only can a pool help you maximise your home setup, but it can also help you achieve a healthier lifestyle than ever before.

The health benefits of swimming are plentiful. It can help you achieve your fitness goals, build strength, increase flexibility, and give you a healthier heart and lungs as well. After just a few weeks of a consistent routine, your loved ones will notice a significant difference!

See below for an in-depth guide highlighting the many key benefits of building a pool and using it to swim 2 to 3 times a week, or more!

1. Full-Body Workout

There are many different forms of exercise out there. Workout styles such as weight training, CrossFit, and cardiovascular training all focus on helping you achieve your health goals, but here's the one potential weakness to them all: many people only use them to target one muscle group at a time. For example, they have leg days, arm days, chest days, etc.

If you want a true workout, you need to find a method for achieving a full-body workout. This will help you activate all your muscle groups and have them working like a well-oiled machine.

The best part? You can achieve a full-body workout with numerous swimming strokes. There's the freestyle stroke, breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, and butterfly stroke. That way, you can mix in different workouts or change things up every other day to avoid burning out on one specific style

Swimming doesn't lack competition, either! You can time yourself to beat your best time and increase the tenacity of the workouts. You can also time yourself against your loved ones or get involved with a swimmers group on social media to keep pushing yourself to improve.

2. Holds You Accountable for Daily Activity

Did you know that experts recommend you get 30 minutes of moderate activity each day? Even though that might seem minuscule, there are still many residents of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire that don't prioritise this each day.

Establishing unhealthy habits (like not getting enough physical activity each day) is a slippery slope. It can lead to extreme weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. All of which are primary symptoms of heart disease. You can even develop type 2 diabetes.

Building a swimming pool will hold you accountable for getting your daily activity. If you take up swimming, you'll be able to burn more calories and provide an uptick in your daily activity. Not only will you get 30 minutes of physical activity a day, but you'll also be maximizing those thirty minutes!

Studies have shown that swimming can help you burn anywhere from 223 calories to 528 calories per hour. That means burning up to 260 calories per 30 minutes, depending on the intensity of your workouts. You'll enjoy having the excuse to jump in your pool!

Here's more great news: you don't need to swim every day to see noticeable health results. By committing to swimming for 30 minutes 3 times a week, you'll burn as much as 900 more calories each week, helping you trim up as you go!

3. Great Exercise for Everyone

One of the greatest health benefits of swimming is that it can be done by virtually anyone. Even those with severe physical conditions can enjoy swimming and pushing themselves to new heights.

Experts recommend swimming to those with a physical injury, severe arthritis, or other physical disabilities that hinder them from performing a common workout. It's also shown to help people with asthma, boosting their heart and lung health along the way.

If you're going to commit to swimming numerous times a week, you need to make it more accessible in your life. Why not build your own! Invest in a self-build swimming pool. Here at Deep End Pools, we're all about helping people build their own pools and create something unique to their needs. We can do the same for you!

4. Increases Your Mood

Swimming doesn't just give you physical benefits, but psychological ones as well. Studies have shown that swimming helps improve your mood thanks to rigorous exercise.

As you work your muscles while you swim, your body releases endorphins (the feel-good hormone) into your brain, making you feel more confident and positive. After your workout is complete, your brain will continue to produce those endorphins for the rest of the day. That's why you always feel better after a run, lifting session, etc.

Studies have also shown that cold water can boost the production of neurotransmitters and mood-boosting hormones, so you might consider a plunge pool. 

5. Activity for Kids

Remember that statistic we shared about adults needing 30 minutes of physical exercise each day? Well, double that for your children. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, kids need a full hour of physical activity every day.

Swimming is a great way to help them channel their inner competitor and focus that energy into a constructive source of exercise. Have them swim for 30 minutes, then spend the rest of the time playing and splashing.

Even if they aren't swimming, kids burn a ton of energy in and around the pool. They jump, dive, swim, kick, paddle, and stroke their way to fatigue. It will also help them sleep better at night.

6. Boosts Your Energy

For those of you looking for an added pep in your step, building a pool for you to swim in is your answer!

Taking up swimming will help you burn more calories and get more energy throughout your day. Lack of activity generally leads to a regression in energy.

Studies have shown that even 30 minutes of swimming three times a week can increase your metabolic rate, thus helping you burn more calories (as we mentioned above).

Check With Your Doctor About the Health Benefits of Swimming

Now that you have seen the numerous health benefits of swimming, make sure that you check with your doctor. Especially those of you that have an existing health condition.

Be sure to read this article for an answer to your question of "what is a plunge pool?" as well as the health benefits it can offer you and your loved ones.

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