Swimming Pool Size – What’s right for you?

There are many factors to consider when planning a swimming pool, such as pool type, materials and whether any building regulations will apply to your project. One of the main deciding considerations will obviously be how much you can afford to spend and which construction method you require, however the actual size of your swimming pool is also very important. In this article, we’ll take a look at what typical sizes of pool are available and which ones will be most suitable for your property and your family.

Questions, questions…

When deciding what size pool you need, you will have to ask yourself some practical questions. How many people will use the pool? Who will use it most often? Will the pool be needed for regular swimming practice (i.e. completing laps)? Where will the pool be located? How large is your garden? Will you have a patio and furniture surrounding it? The answers you give to these questions will all directly affect the size of pool you require.

Size ranges

The standard outdoor pool size you can have built will generally measure 11×4 metres and 1.5 metres deep. Smaller and larger sizes can be built on request, although you have to remember that the bigger the pool the higher the heating costs. This size is a good trade-off between running costs and usefulness.

If your property has a smaller garden then your options for a pool are less. The smallest pool size is usually 6×3 metres, but if you are a keen swimmer, lengths will not be satisfactory. However a pool of this size is generally very economical to run. A smaller pool will also allow you to have a larger patio with more space for furniture and BBQ’s. You should also remember that there should be enough space in your garden for diggers and other machinery to operate safely as they dig out the foundations for the pool.

Indoor pools are generally slightly smaller, measuring roughly 9×4 metres, but will also be dependant on the building in which it is housed. Therefore you will need to consult with the people who are building your pool on which size will make the best fit.


The right pool size is also dependant on what you need the pool for. If you intend to use it for exercise then a pool of around 11 metres in length is advisable. If space is not available for this length, then swim jet systems are available that enable you to swim against a water current, allowing you to exercise more effectively in a smaller size pool.

If your children are going to be the main users of the pool then you may want to have a smaller size than that of the 11×4 metre standard.

Finally, when considering the size of your pool, you should also work out how much space it should take up. You must decide how much of your garden you want to give over to the pool and strike a balance.