Swimming Pool Running Costs To Consider

There are many benefits of having a swimming pool on your property, improving your health and adding a new dimension to your social life are just two. However, there are also the inevitable running costs that are needed to keep your pool in excellent condition. In this blog we’ll take a look at the main areas that will cost you money throughout the year and how you can minimise them.

Swimming pool running costs to consider


It is in the owner’s best interests to ensure their swimming pool heating system is kept in good working order. This will maximise heat transfer to the pool and keep your running costs low. Good maintenance is also important due to the need to comply with the statutory regulations for heating systems, as well as the threat to safety should your system fall into disrepair. 

Winter cover

Most outdoor swimming pools are closed by their owners during Autumn and Winter. Lack of use and harsh winter weather can damage the pool’s pipework, finish, shell and the equipment in the plant room. The water will also need to be treated to protect it and a cover placed securely over the pool for safety reasons. It is recommended that you get a professional to prepare the pool for the colder weather as leaving the pool as it is will cause damage and incur greater costs in repairs.


Regular pool maintenance may cost money, but it will save you in the long run from spending out on expensive repair work. In fact, regular servicing will eventually pay for itself as the increased efficiency of your pool will reduce your monthly running costs. Deep End Pools can carry out maintenance work for you at agreed regular periods. 

In addition to standard maintenance work, there are statutory servicing requirements that you must adhere to by law. These include the servicing of gas and oil boilers, the inspection of electrical trips and water leakage devices, as well as annual leak checks for heat pumps.


Electricity or gas is used is used to power the heating system of your swimming pool. This will apply during the summer when the pool is being used all the time, until the autumn when it is closed down during the winter months.  


Replacing parts are an obvious running cost that is inescapable. Items such as heat pumps and sand filters wear out and need changing from time to time. Leaving them as they are can cause damage to your pool and heating system. Purchasing better quality parts may cost more in the short term, but they will often last longer, reducing the frequency of breakage and having to pay for more replacements. You should also remember that the water needs to be regularly topped up with chemicals such as chlorine, which should also be factored into your monthly spend.

If you want to find out more about maintenance plans and swimming pool running costs, then contact us.

Swimming pool running costs to consider