Swimming Pool Equipment – What You Need To Know

Having good quality swimming pool equipment is vital to keep your pool running efficiently and to maintain it in good working order. In this article we’ll go through the different types of equipment you’ll need for your swimming pool.


The most important chemical used with swimming pools is chlorine, which helps keep the water clean and free from bacteria. It also kills algae and removes sweat, as well as other organisms from the water. Chlorine is released into the swimming pool water by a dispenser called a chlorinator. The chemical is available in tablet, granule and stick form. Bromine is also used as an alternative to chlorine for indoor pools.

Other chemicals used to treat the water in swimming pools include pH balancers, water hardeners, alkalinity balancers, calcium hardness reducers and increasers. Algaecides are also available to specifically kill off algae growing in pools.

Pool Testing Kit

Pool testing kits are used by owners to monitor the water balance in their swimming pools. The kits allow you to test for water alkalinity, pH levels, water hardness, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. Keeping a good chemical balance is import for swimming pools, so regular monitoring should not be ignored.

Cleaning Equipment

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, keeping it clean is important. There are cleaners available on the market that will clean both the floor and sides of your pool. You can choose between models designed for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools.

Outdoor pools will attract a lot of debris, such as leaves and twigs. Therefore it needs to be cleaned more than an indoor pool. Pool nets are a widely used solution for removing debris from the surface of your swimming pool. You can find them in several net sizes and handle lengths.

Water Pumps and Filters

Each swimming pool will need a water pump and a filtration system. The pump moves water to and from the pool, while the filtration system removes any harmful elements as it sifts through the water. The filters should be regularly cleaned to ensure they function properly.

Water Heater

A water heater basically moves the pool water through it, warming the water to the desired temperature. Highly useful, these heaters can be used for indoor and outdoor pools, allowing you to adjust the temperature to suit its use and the people who use it.

Pool Covers

Covers are ideal for outdoor pools, keeping the outside elements away when it is not in use. Your pool won’t get full of leaves during the off-season if it has been covered. Covering an outside pool is an integral part of the winterisation process, readying the pool for the months in which it is not used. A cover is also an excellent safety measure for when children are playing nearby in the garden.

So that’s your rundown on all the equipment you’ll need to clean and maintain your swimming pool. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.