Should You Let Your Dog Swim in Your Swimming Pool? A Closer Look

Congratulations on deciding to buy a pool! Having an all-in-one place for fun, gatherings, and exercise is always a good move to make. 

You're already envisioning long and lazy Saturdays by the pool, and the kids have a list of friends to invite to their first party. It looks like everyone in the family has big plans for the pool, and that may include your dog. 

Here's what we have to say about how your dog and swimming pool can get along. 

Can I Let My Dog Swim in Our Pool? 

The experts at both the American Kennel Club and UK Kennel Club say that it's okay for dogs to swim in chlorine pools and other bodies of water. However, just because you can let your dog swim in your pool doesn't mean that it's the right choice for you and your family. There are plenty of things to consider before you open up your pool to your pup. 

Dog Swimming In Pool

Pool Maintenance 

If you want to let your dog in the pool, it's important to make maintenance a top priority. Regular pool cleanings should already be a part of your maintenance routine. However, it's important to account for a little extra care if you plan on having animals in the pool. 

Your swimming dog can bring plenty of dirt, dander, and fur in the water with them that regular chlorine or bromine won't be able to manage. If you want to keep your swimming pool clean, be sure to keep up with treatments after each dip. 

Equipment Damage 

You may keep your dog's nails trimmed, but they can still do plenty of damage. It's easy for swimming pool liners to get scratched up during a swim or if your dog tries to get out without your ladder. 

Make inspecting your pool liner and ladder a part of your regular maintenance. It's always best to catch damage early on. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to take care of it ASAP. 


Safety is a concern for everyone in the pool, and that includes your dog. You shouldn't let your dog in the pool unless you're sure it is a good swimmer. 

Some dogs were bred for swimming. Despite this, the ability to swim will come down to each dog. Don't expect "instinct" to take over once your dog is in the water. Take time to make sure they're strong swimmers before going into the pool.  

Getting the Most Out of Pool Time with Your Dog

As long as you take regular maintenance and safety into account, you can have a pool party every family member can enjoy! If you're ready to let your dog into the pool, we have some tips for you that can make sure everyone has a great time. 

Teach and Test Your Pet 

Your dog shows an interest in the pool, but you're not sure if they're ready to go in. Take time to test out their skills beforehand if you're unsure of your dog's swimming abilities.

Take them to the shallow end of the pool and see how comfortable they are in the water. Pick a quiet time to bring your dog to the pool when there aren't many people so your dog can be calm and undistracted. 

Is your dog not as good of a swimmer as you had hoped? That's no problem! It is possible to teach dogs to swim with a bit of time and patience. 

Set Ground Rules

Swimming with your dog can be fun for the whole family, but safety should still be prioritised. If you want everyone to have a good time, set some rules around pool usage when the dog takes a dip.

Some people only allow kids to have dog-friendly toys in the pool. Others try to keep the noise to a minimum so dogs don't feel nervous or too excited by the activity. 

Schedule a Refurbishment 

Has your dog been enjoying the pool for a while now? Are you hosting regular doggy swimming parties with your friends? Now could be the perfect time to spruce up your pool with a little refurbishment. 

Sometimes people think they need a completely new pool when they just need a bit of a touch-up. A solid refurbishment can help take care of damaged areas and give your pool a nice new look. 

Do Aftercare 

Your dog may have just gotten out of the pool, but their time in the water isn't done. If you want to add an extra layer of protection for your dog, consider giving them a bath or rinsing them off once they finish swimming. 

The amount of chlorine in an average pool isn't enough to do harm, but dogs with sensitive skin may experience some irritation. Hosing them off or bathing them once they're finished in the pool can help protect their skin. 

Get Pool Help from Experts

If you want to let your dog swim in your pool, we say: have at it! Pools can be so much more fun when furry friends are involved. As long as you take the proper safety precautions, you and your pup will grow to love the pool.

Now that you know how to enjoy your pool to the fullest with your pet let us help you create and maintain the perfect pool experience. Get in touch with us today so we can talk about the best pool and maintenance plans for your needs.