How to Maintain Your Outdoor Pool During Autumn

Did you know that around 210,000 homes in the UK have swimming pools? In addition to adding value to your property, a swimming pool is also a great source of entertainment. It’s a fantastic investment that you can enjoy with family and friends for years to come.

However, a pool must be properly maintained all year round or you could find yourself having to pay for costly repairs. Autumn is a time of year when many people use their pools less but that doesn’t mean maintenance should stop. Take a look at these tips for maintaining your outdoor pool in Autumn.

How to maintain your outdoor pool during Autumn

Taking Care of Your Pool in Autumn

Taking care of your outdoor swimming pool in Autumn is just as important as the rest of the year. Maintaining your pool in the colder months will mean it’s ready and well preserved for the Spring and Summer. To ensure your pool stays in tip-top condition, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, you should continue to balance the PH level in the pool water. A suitable level is between 7.2 and 7.6. Similarly, you should regularly maintain your pool's chlorine levels.

Since your pool won’t be as well used as it is during the summer, it’s important to protect the water from algae. As a preventative (or if you notice algae forming) you can use an algaecide. In addition, your pool can be sanitised with a shock treatment so you know it’s clean the first time you get back in.

One of the best things you can do for your pool during these Autumn months is cover it. Autumn brings with it falling leaves and debris that will make their way into your pool if it’s not covered. This debris can cause problems if it’s not removed quickly so it’s far safer to protect the pool with a cover.

How to maintain your outdoor pool during Autumn

Protect Against Cold Weather

As the colder weather sets in, outdoor pools require additional protection. Each pool comes with a liner that holds the water and protects the foundation of the pool. This liner is susceptible to damage, like cracks, during the cold weather. 

The pool pipes can also freeze and burst during cold spells and pool filters can be damaged due to extreme pressure from cold weather. The only way to tackle these problems is to winterise your pool and ensure you are regularly running water through the pipes.

Accessories For Your Pool

As with anything else, maintaining your pool means using the right tools for the job. There are several accessories you can use to keep your pool from becoming a costly problem. Having a pool broom on hand means you can easily clear the pool of any leaves, debris, or algae gathered in the water.

To avoid any bacterial growth, you can use a chemical floater which releases chemicals gradually to keep your pool clean. Many pool owners are now using pool vacuum cleaners which are not only great for keeping the pool clean but also help to keep the area around the pool stain free. In addition to these, you can also use a filter cartridge.

A filter cartridge works to maintain the hygiene rating of the pool and remove any bacteria. It’s also worth doing your research and investing in the best weatherproof pool cover you can find so the rest of your accessories aren’t overused.

How to maintain your outdoor pool during Autumn

Inspecting Your Accessories

Your accessories are paramount for keeping your pool clean but no accessory lasts forever. If your pool is a few years old, it’s likely that your accessories have been in use for some time. You should always check your accessories before using them and keep an eye out for signs of damage. 

For instance, you may find a broken net in your pool or you may notice broken brush bristles. Perhaps there’s rust on your broom handle or the pole doesn’t adjust as it used to. All of these are clear signs that your accessories need to be replaced and without doing so, you could risk the health of your pool.

Call in the Professionals

Maintaining your pool through autumn and winter can sometimes feel like a full-time job. However, without doing it, you risk the damage that can cost more than any pool owner wants to pay. At Deep Ends Pools, we can maintain and winterise your outdoor pool so you have one less thing to worry about. 

As professionals, we’re trained to ensure your pool is highly maintained and spot potential problems before they arise. Along with pool installations, we also offer service plans and pool insurance so you can have peace of mind all year round. With our help, you’ll always be ready for summer pool parties.

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How to maintain your outdoor pool during Autumn

Get the Best From Your Outdoor Pool

An outdoor pool can be one of the best home investments as long as it is well looked after. The enjoyment that your family can get from a pool will create priceless and precious memories. Let us make sure that those chances at making memories aren’t taken away because of avoidable damage.

We’ll provide you with a thorough winter close service that covers everything from backwashing the filter to adjusting the PH level and more. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a quote for your pool.