How does a swimming pool pump work?

An important part of any swimming pool, the pump is vital to the pool’s everyday running. So how does a swimming pool work? In short, a swimming pool pump works with the pool’s filter to keep the pool clean. The pump pushes the water out of the pool and through the filter and water heater, returning it to the pool both clean and warm. When in operation, the pump works continuously, moving the water around the system.

In this blog, we’ll delve a little more into the workings of the pump and what is needed to keep it in good working order.

The pump contains the following components:

Pump Basket

This basket collects large items of debris when the water initially enters, removing any leaves etc. that may have landed in the water.


The impeller is attached to the motor shaft which makes it spin, moving the water forwards.


Converts electrical power into movement, spinning the motor shaft. Inside the motor is a stator winding that produces an alternating magnetic current and a rotor winding that creates torque and rotates the shaft.

Water Discharger

Discharges the water from the pump and into the filter to clean it thoroughly.


Enables the motor shaft to spin freely. Enclosed in a waterproof sleeve to prevent corrosion.


Prevents water from leaking out of the motor shaft. The seal is water-cooled and is also spring mounted for easy adjustment if it has not been aligned properly. 

The Pumping Process

Firstly, the water travels from the pool via the main drain at the bottom of the pool and the skimmer. The skimmer is a rectangular inlet located at the top of the pool wall and is fitted with a filter that keeps out large pieces of debris. Once the swimming pool pump is switched on, the water can be pulled through the skimmer and then down into the pump.

The impeller and the motor are where the movement of the water is generated. Powered by the motor, the impeller spins and basically acts as a fan, sucking the water from the pool and through the pump. This then moves the water through the discharger and on into the filter, which cleans it of debris and contaminants. The water is then pumped through to the water heater, which warms the water before passing back into the pool.

Pump Servicing

The pump will require regular servicing, including cleaning of the basket and replacement of the basket’s rubber gasket. There are also gaskets and seals inside the pump, which stop water from leaking. This can lead to loss of pressure or damage to the pump. Therefore gaskets for the water diffuser and the motor shaft will require replacement at regular intervals.  

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