How do I get a Swimming Pool Liner Replacement?

Swimming pool liner replacements can greatly transform the look of your swimming pool almost instantly.

Swimming pool liners are the internal finish to the majority of UK swimming pools and have an average life expectancy of 10 – 15 years (Dependant on thickness of the liner and maintained water quality)

At Deep End Pools we can proudly call ourselves Liner Fitting experts as we fit well over 50 swimming pool liners a year and have been doing so the past 20 years.  In this time we have developed a systematic installation method that has proven to be quick and effective each and every time.

Initial Site Visit

We start by arranging for a site visit by Deep End Pools. In this free no obligation meeting we see your pools specific needs and can have a look at any other potential works may need carrying out the same time.

Then you will receive a written quotation with a large breakdown of options and what we recommend for your swimming pool.

Engineer Site Visit

Upon receiving the go ahead from yourselves we then arrange for the first site visit by an engineer to begin preparing your swimming pool for its new liner and take accurate dimensions of your pool to get the liner made to exact dimensions.

Within this visit we also pressure test your swimming pools pipework and visually inspect the entire pool. The pressure test allows us to see if your under ground pipework is holding pressure. If it fails we can then isolate the bad pipe and look into your potential options.  The pools shell will be fully cleaned to give the new liner a clean fresh start and to ensure no sharp objects are underneath.

The manufacturer time is between 10 – 14 working days.

Once the liner has been delivered to us the engineer will give the pool a final clean out.  The liner will then be clipped into position and then a hi volume vacuum will be used to disperse any trapped air from behind the liner.

Swimming Pool Liner Vacuum

Once the engineer is happy with the position of the liner the main drain will be cut in. Once this is fully screwed into place the pool will be stage filled. The first stage being either to the bottom of a step unit of to just below a underwater light.

The engineer will then return to do the final cutting in and then allow the pool to be fully filled.  Once the pool is full the circulation system will be commissioned and chemicals will be added.

The whole process from first measure up to commissioning is usually 15 – 20 working days in the height of summer and a little quicker in the out of season months.

If you're ready to work with a trustworthy, professional company that wants the best for you and your swimming pool, contact us today.