A Guide to Swimming Pool Automation for Your New Pool

Tech has come a long way and it seems that everything is becoming automated. Our cars, homes, and even our pool can be controlled by the tap of a phone - or the sound of your voice. Oh, what a great time to be alive, isn’t it? Choosing to integrate automation into your new swimming pool will not only add convenience to your home and leisure life but will also help keep your home secure even from a thousand miles away.

Smart Pools and Automation


How does pool automation work?

Like with many other smart systems in your home, a WiFi connection is all that is really required to get things up and going. Ensuring your internet speed is fast enough to cover a new area of your home or property is key to keeping everything running smoothly. You will be able to hook up your lights, pump, valve actuators and other parts of your pool to one central pool hub system. So, if the internet does cut out, there will be a way to control the pool through a touch screen pad, however, the rest of the time, your smartphone or voice will become your main point of control. 


The benefits of pool automation

Other than making it convenient for you to control the lights, heating, and other parts of your pool, there are other benefits to choosing more tech-advanced automation for your new pool that go far beyond what you might expect initially.


Integration with voice assistants

Much of the country has adapted to having Google and Alexa around to answer our on-the-spot questions, turn on our lights, set alarms, and play our favourite music. “Alexa, what’s the pool’s temperature?” Smartphone integration into your pool makes it easy to warm the pool up from work on those cooler days so you can enjoy it when you get home. Voice assistants also work to alert you about low pH balances and the need to add more chemicals to the water.

Voice Assistant Swimming Pool Automation
Some of the many possible requests you can ask your smart assistant include:

“Hey Google, set my pool temperature to 27°C.”
“Alexa, begin pool cleaner system.”
“Siri, set my underwater lights to spa blue.”


Time saved setting up your pool is more time relaxing with your loved ones

Owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibilities (this is where our service plans come in handy) and upkeep and it can be expensive to run heaters and other functions endlessly. For many, just the thought of what work goes into keeping the pool clean and ready is enough to keep us from actually hopping in to enjoy the relaxation and perks we wanted when we chose to install a new pool.

Swimming pool automation takes most of that stress away, so you can control your pool - or have your pool control itself - while you simply unwind. You can manage the temperatures of your pool to change when it gets cooler or warmer out, to clean itself at a scheduled time each day (this comes in handy when you’re on holiday or away for an extended period of time), have the pump run at slower speeds during peak hours, and have specific settings or themes installed for a variety of situations (such as a date or a party).


Spa time and party time have never been easier

Whether you’re preparing to do some lengths in the pool on your own, relaxing in it with a spouse, or getting set for a pool party, you can set predetermined themes so that all the right lights (both in and around the pool), heat, music, and features turn on as they should so that you can focus on what’s important - whether that’s quality time with your partner or making sure you’re keeping your guests’ drinks topped up.


If you’re going for quality, go all the way

A bespoke pool (designed and constructed by one of the best in Britain) or a spa that brings hydrotherapy to your back garden, and the investment involved, almost makes it necessary to go all the way to make it as luxurious as possible.

Bespoke Swimming Pool Installation

Incorporating automation will only enhance the overall quality of your pool or spa - covering all the bases so you get the ultimate experience without any of the stress that comes with pool ownership.


Pool Security Becomes Automatic As Well

Through automation, cameras and timers can be set up and connected to the smart network so that they turn on at specified times or when they’re triggered by motion sensors on your property. If you’re away from home or simply can’t keep an eye on your pool at all times, security doesn’t need to be a worry because you can see your pool at any time and feel rest assured it’s in good hands - the hands of your smart assistant.


So what are you waiting for?

Every feature that made you cringe to have to manage when buying a pool is no longer a concern and it rightfully shouldn’t be.

This is the 21st century, and due to current world events, we are spending more time at home than ever!

It’s about time we start to let technology make our lives more convenient in the ways it should - like taking away the chore of pool upkeep and making it simple, easy, and hassle-free to control lighting, heat, waterfalls, and anything else hooked up to a power source and WiFi-connection.

It might be wise to reach out to us before attempting to set up swimming pool automation yourself, especially if you are not comfortable with the software and electrical work involved. The last thing you want is to do something improperly and become annoyed with your pool system.

Working with Deep End Pools, whether we're assisting you with a self build or we're fully managing the project means peace of mind for you, from start to finish and a guarantee that your smart system will work as expected - avoiding that embarrassing moment when your plan to impress backfires and you're ignored by your smartphone in the middle of a date because of a struggling internet connection.


Considering building a new pool yourself?

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