8 Common Signs of a Leaking Swimming Pool

There's nothing quite like swimming in a crystal clear pool in the summertime. But, unfortunately, the refreshing feeling is hard to emulate. But what happens when your pool isn't quite looking ready for summer? 

Have you started to notice your pool has that not-so-fresh feeling? Could your pool use a little love? If you've started to notice that things are a bit off with your pool, you could be dealing with a leaking swimming pool. 

While pools are great in the summertime, no one wants a leaking swimming pool when you've got pool parties lined up for all your friends and family. So here are five tell-tale signs that your pool could have a leak. 

1. You've Started to Notice Changes in the Water Level 

If you've begun to notice changes in the water level even when people haven't swum in the pool in some time, it could be a sign of a leaking swimming pool. In fact, a dropping water level is one of the clearest signs that you have a problem. 

While evaporation can play a role in your pool's water level, if you're starting to notice a reoccurring water level problem, it may be time to call a professional who can find out for sure. 

The last thing you want to do is go through a whole swim season with a leak in your pool. It can lead to other issues if left unchecked.  

2. You've Started to Notice Cracks or Falling Tile

If you've started to notice some cracks and falling tile at the top of your pool, this could be an indication that your pool needs a little love. That is because the surrounding ground might be unsettled due to a leak. 

One thing to look for is cracks in the bond beam. It can often occur when a pool settles further into the softened ground. It's essential to make sure this isn't the case as it can lead to much larger issues down the line. 

3. You're Beginning to Notice Wet Spots in the Garden

If you've begun to notice wet spots in your garden even after it hasn't rained and no one has swum in the pool, this could be a tell-tale sign that you have a leaking swimming pool. 

Soft, uneven, or mushy grass around a pool can sometimes point to a plumbing leak. That can be a significant problem as erosion from water movement underground can cause landscaping to sink or shift.

Not only can that affect your beautiful garden, but it can also affect your swimming pool. 

4. You're Noticing Your Water Bill Is Creeping up, Like a LOT! 

If you're starting to notice your water bill is creeping up a LOT, this could be a tell-tale sign you have a pool leak. However, if you have automatic pool filling devices, it may be hard to notice at first. In this case, check to see if the autofill is constantly running. 

Either way, if you start to notice your water bill increasing over the course of the summertime in relation to past summers, it never hurts to check if you may have a leak. 

It could save you money that's literally going down the drain. 

5. You're Noticing Changes in Your Pool Chemicals

Another potential sign that you have a leaking swimming pool is that you're noticing the chemicals are frequently changing. Quick changes in the pH balance of your pool can be an indicator of a pool leak. 

One reason this happens is that your water is losing water and is being replaced by new water. So it creates an endless cycle where your pool is constantly trying to keep up. 

If you notice this happening frequently, it's best to contact a professional. They can assess if there is a leak causing the issue or if it's something else entirely. 

6. You're Noticing Water Underneath Your Pool Equipment

If you're starting to notice water pooling under your equipment, it could be a sign of a leaking swimming pool. You might see water collect in pools underneath your pump or piping. 

You may also notice some corrosion around these areas. In most cases, you'll notice this through a simple visual check. 

Swimming Pool Pumphouse

7. You're Noticing Air or Dirt Blowing Into the Pool

Sometimes when there is a leak in the plumbing, you may notice that air or dirt is blowing into the pool from the return leads. That is a sure sign of a leaking swimming pool. A strange gurgling sound will often accompany it. 

You'll want to call out a professional to check out the issue. 

8. You're Noticing Algae Growth Inside Your Pool

If the pH balance gets bad enough, you may start to see algae growing inside your pool. The reason why this happens is that your system is continuously adding untreated water. To remedy this problem, you'll want to add chemicals to bring the pH back in balance. 

However, if you have a leaking swimming pool, you'll have to fix it before adding any new chemicals to your pool. 

A Leaking Swimming Pool Is No Way to Start Your Summer

If you suspect that you have a leaking swimming pool, don't delay. It's no way to start your summer. With all the pool dates coming up, you'll want to have your pool in tip-top shape for your friends and family. 

If you're looking for leak detection or any other pool service needs, contact us online or call 01494 671787.