Winter swimming pool servicing, owner beware Notice. Vac now pay later!

Ok so the leaves are starting to drip from the trees littering our gardens like confetti and you ask yourself why the pool acts like a huge leaf magnet!

You peel back the Deep End pools swimming pool summer cover; to find you pool floor is peppered with leaves! Time to start vacuuming or is it? please be very very careful when vacuuming large amount of leaves from the pool floor especially on an old UK pool, often we store our pool cleaning equipment in a shed so get that out at the ready! Older pipes on in ground pools used to be 1.5″ this often clog on the bends and block every easily! Many new swimming pool installations would carry a 2″ pipe work flow and return to and from the swimming pool, avoid the swimming pool pipe blockage scenario.

now once you have set up your swimming pool cleaning equipment, and there really is no better maintenance equipment available covering all aspects of pool services for both tiled and liner pools than the certikin range of cleaning tools, gently remove as many leaves as possible with the deep leaf net, whilst this may spin many of the leaves up into a frenzy within the swimming pool water this is certainly the 1st direct approach you take first. Reducing the amount of times you potentially have to empty the swimming pool pump basket especially if it is a Sta Rite 52PR pump or old cheap small Hayward pump.

so you have netted to your heart’s content, time to switch to vacuuming usual drill clear all the air from the pump, after having carried out a backwash and empty the pump basket to get a good flow, now approach the leafs very very slowly this final swimming pool service to the pool for the season should take the longest so take care move to fast and you risk picking up to much debris and blocking the line! It could get expensive.

The flow into the vacuum hose should be consistently smooth, if the suction drops empty the pump basket and ensure all is well clear vac head and hose a 9m certikin swivel hose is the best unit available on the market offering a rigid side wall of hose section allowing little room for wall collapse.

All sound too complicated, well to be honest you have to know what you’re doing, Deep End Pools offer swimming pool services in bucks, berks and all towns and locations we use our satellite pump set up ensuring we never pull the rubbish through your system risking a blockage! This is the edge over a self winter clean service, if your pools is in bucks please feel free to call and pool a pool care specialist.

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