Winter Shut down Service

Deep End Pools are currently taking bookings for winter close services all over the local areas.

Deep End Pools regularly Close and Winterise Pools in; Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Cookham, Knotty Green, Amersham, Chalfont’s, Princes Risborough, Oxford, Watford,  Maidenhead, Taplow, Windsor, Reading, Datchet,  Bray and Henley.

During the close down season we ask all of our customers to book your Winterisation Service as soon as possible to guarantee your desired time slot.

During the Winterisation of your pool the Deep End Pools engineer will make notes and advise of any faults or problems they find of the Swimming Pool Service.

We ask all of our customers to have the Winter Debris Cover easily accessible and the pools plant rooms be easily accessed:

With a Deep End Pools Winter Close Service you get the following services carried out on your pool:

  • Backwash filter for prolonged period until completely clear.
  • Remove matter from pool by vacuuming.
  • Lower pool level 2-4 inches below skimmer mouths but not more than 18 inches below coping stones. So pool does not become damaged by water table.
  • Drain filtration system and exposed pipe work…
  • Drain and empty any chemical in feeder.
  • Place all plugs in secure place.
  • Wrap summer cover and place in storage to customer’s requirements.
  • Wash any pool cleaning device and store with summer cover.
  • Remove any accessories, e.g. steps, boards, rollers, nets, brushes and store.
  • Isolate electrical supply to pool equipment, spray motors and other devices with a water dispersant.
  • Isolate gas supply to boiler, switch off power, and drain safety device.
  • Adjust pH to 7.2 using appropriate chemical.
  • Super chlorinate pool water to 10ppm using shock chemical.
  • Thoroughly mix chemical in pool using satellite pump.
  • Fit and adjust winter cover.

No other company offers such a thorough close service locally. This level of service can only be provided by a company that have been opening and closing pools for many years.


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