Winter Debris Covers

Deep End Pools have a massive stock of Winter Debris Covers available at the very best prices to help you winterise your pool with minimal effort.


With a pool Winter Debris Cover being on the pool for as long as 6 months, you have to make sure that your Winter Debris Cover is going to cope through the expected harsh 2009 winter.


If you are looking to purchase a new Swimming Pool Winter Debris Cover please have a read on for Swimming Pool Owners who are not quite sure how to measure the pool or what type of Winter Debris Cover they need to keep their Swimming Pool safe this winter.


Where do I measure for my Winter Debris Cover?


Measure the pool from coping stone to coping stone on both Length of the Swimming Pool and Width of the Swimming Pool.


When ordering the cover over the telephone please state whether you are giving the required cover size or Swimming Pool dimensions.


We have had customers in the past who have ordered Swimming Pool Winter Debris Covers the exact size of their Swimming Pool.


Unless you have any specific length or width restrictions please give us the pools dimensions for ordering the cover so that the cover will be made over sized as specified by the manufactures.


Which Winter Debris Cover is for me?


Deep End Pools sell 3 types of Winter Debris Covers for Swimming Pools.  Each cover is of top quality and offers years of future use and protection for your Swimming Pool.


Standard Winter Debris Covers are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest grade woven polyethylene. Has re-enforced corners and fixings on the cover are spaced every 1.2m – 1.5m centres. The covers come are supplied in a neat box and come complete with a storage bag for when you take the cover off next year.


Criss Cross Winter Debris Covers are manufactured to the same high standards as the Standard Winter Debris Covers but benefit from webbing straps stitched across the full length and width of the cover for extra strength and durability.


Epervier Winter Debris Covers are almost fully opaque made from pre stressed woven polyester reinforced with a PVC coating. A wide reinforcing band around the entire perimeter of the cover protects against wear and tear caused by friction between the cover and the pool surround. The surface in contact with the pool surround is beige as to prevent any staining. The cover features micro-perforations over the entire surface as to allow rain water to pass through but stop sunlight shinning on to the pools water which in turn stops your pool turning green(photosynthesis).

The covers are so well manufactured that they come with a 3 year warranty.

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