Winter Debris Cover – Installation

Deep End Pools build and construct in the region of 10 Swimming Pools a year. These pools range from a simple rectangle flat bottomed to a truly bespoke custom shaped pool fully tiled with granite pool surround. We also refurbish swimming pools and re lay swimming pool surrounds.

All of the above works are in our local serving area which covers:Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Cookham, Knotty Green, Amersham, Chalfont’s, Princes Risborough, Oxford, Watford, Maidenhead, Taplow, Windsor, Reading, Datchet, Bray and Henley

The works above will normally take place at the start of or, in swimming pool season. You use your pool for the summer and now it comes to winterising your swimming pool for autumn / winter 2009. Then you realise you have a winter debris cover with no holes in your brand new swimming pool surround.

If you have not installed a winter debris cover before it can be a very tricky job. The cover will be designed to overlap your pool all the way around to try and seal out the elements as best as possible. The Winter Debris cover will have P-Pins spaced out approximately every 1.2 – 1.5m. These will be attached to a strap which is normal adjustable which allows you to create tension in the covers surface. The key to installing the cover is keeping it square as you work along each side to ensure that you can create a level flat tension across the whole surface of the cover.

You install the P-Pins into the paving by drilling a hole just a little bit bigger than the p-pin. When Deep End Pools install Winter Debris Covers we like to drill the hole with the hole slightly leaning away from the pool. This will allow you to fully tension your Certikin Winter Debris Cover without the worry of the pins pulling each other out of the ground.

Deep End Pools would normally mark out the holes before we start to fit the Winter Debris Cover to ensure that the covers P-Pins are square around the pool surround. Adjust the P-Pins so that you have plenty of future slack to take up on the strap, As a new Winter Debris Cover will break in over its first few winters.

Once you have drilled all you holes and installed the Winter Debris Cover on the pool make sure to keep it tensioned as tight as possible to minimise the amount of debris that will get into your pool over the 2009 winter.

A well installed Winter Debris Cover by Deep End Pools.

(Make note of the solar protective sheet – to protect the solar blanket over the winter months)

If a DIY Winter Debris Cover Installation sounds a bit like to much hard work why not leave it to the experts and arrange for Deep End Pools ISPE qualified engineers to come and install your Winter Debris Cover for you.


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