Winter Cover Worries!?

Many people worry about safety around their pool through the winter. Many worry about children and animals walking and falling through the cover and getting trapped. So this season we have introduced the new Epervier Winter Debris Cover – NF P 90-308 Standard Compliant.

EPERVIER combines strength and light weight in an attractive cover that meets the stringent requirements stipulated in the French standard NF P 90-308 (depending on the type of finish/fastening system selected). Purpose designed for easy installation, removal and cleaning, its sober and discreet appearance ensures seamless integration into your pool surroundings.
EPERVIER is an opaque cover made of prestressed, woven, PVC coated, reinforced polyester. The is edged with a wide reinforced strip to protect it against abrasion caused by contact with the coping. The underside of the reinforcing band that lies against the coping is beige coloured to avoid staining. The fabric, made exclusively for our factories, features microperforations distributed over its entire surface, so EPERVIER allows rain water to filter through but is impermeable to light. The cover’s design ensures that it lies perfectly flat over any pool, even those featuring steps and free-form pools.

EPERVIER covers protect exposed areas of the waterproofing from damage by sunlight and slow the growth of algae by inhibiting photosynthesis.

This is definitely the must have winter cover of 2009.

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