Where do our Liners come from?

All Our Vinyl Liners are manufactured at our suppliers, Certikin purposely equipped manufacturing facility in Leeds where the whole process of creating your liner is taken care of; from receiving your measurements; designing the cutting patterns; welding together the separate panels and final packing and distribution.
Every detail is considered in creating your liner. Our CAD process uses a program specifically modified to recreate your pool structure from raw dimensions and introduces the vital proportions of shrink that are required to make sure the final product is a perfect fit. Automated cutting tables ensure accuracy and neatness in generation of the individual liner panels from raw materials and our high frequency welding machines with a unique soft bar welding technique, specifically designed for the creation of pool liners, provide a solid, but smooth, seam weld. The welding machines are sunk into the factory floor to ensure materials are not stretched and distorted over tables or frames.

The finished product is carefully rolled and packed in a reinforced drum in order that handling on site to the pool side is as easy as possible.

The range of pattern designs available from Certikin is extensive to say the least. All materials are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers of printed vinyl and are specifically formulated to suit the pool environment. Our range offers everything from plain colours and traditional concepts to which a variety of tile-bands can be affixed, to more contemporary designs which include a pre-printed tile-bands and an array of wall and floor colours and patterns.

When ordering your liner, remember that Certikin offer a full range of additional items, such as underlay felts and foams, adhesives and liner locks; everything that is needed to do the job.

If you are replacing and old liner, your new purchase will transform your pool instantly! For the finishing touch don’t forget to replace the existing pool fittings with fresh, clean ones – these will complement your new liner perfectly.

Finally, remember to tell us if you have a step section in your pool. We will do our best to place the closing wall seam central to where the step is positioned in order that the seam is cut out and you have a continuous wall piece.







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