When is the best time to close my swimming pool?

Ok we do not all have the luxury of wondrous indoor swimming pools referred to as the sun seeker compression to the boat world, so us mere mortals with outdoor pool have to ask when do we close the swimming pool down?

well firstly if you’re not a dab hand at swimming pool maintenance and winterisation techniques this is probably a job best left to a swimming pool expert, Deep End Pools however offer a multitude of close services varying from drain downs, to winter call backs.

However the question still arises when is the best time to close your swimming pool?

Well personally Deep End Pools would prefer pools were closed in the month of October, ideally late October very early November as the ambient day time temperature drops in the region of 10 degrees c, the bacteria growth rate within swimming pool water is reducing lessoning the chance of the swimming pool turning green!

Close too early and those winter chemicals could be wasted, close to late and you run the risk of damage being caused to the swimming pool!

Always however consider winter servicing as an option for your swimming pool, as we reach late December all of the leaves should be cleared from the trees and with high winds these often blow under the winter debris cover into the swimming pool, if the leaves are left on the pool floor they can break down and cause a pigment staining to the swimming pool floor! aargghh not really what you want in the spring when opening your swimming pool for that May Bank holiday family get together!

So if you’re looking to book a close for your swimming pool and your based in the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire region we are now taking bookings for professional swimming pool service

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