What size Heat Pump do I need?

8th May 2009

After doing quite a lot of research online I could not find a definative answer to what size heat pump for each pool.  So I thought this must scare a number of people away from actually buying one of these wonderful environmentally friendly air source heat pumps.

So here comes the math:

1) Work out your desired pool temperature. (*c) e.g.


2 ) Work out the coldest temperature on average in your pool season.(*c):


3) Then get the difference between step 1 and step 2 :

28*c – 15*c = 13*c

4) Now work out the surface area of your pool in ft2 by (length x width)

30ft x 15ft = 450ft2

5) Now:

difference in temperature (*c) x surface area of pool (ft2) x 12 = btu’s per hour needed to heat your pool.

13 x 450 x 12 = 70,200 btu

This may seem baffling but this will help you to find and specify which heat pump is needed to keep your pool up to temperature all summer long.


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