What more Chlorine!?

Here at Deep End Pools we are more than happy to help anyone who calls us to ask for advice. We have customers that will choose us over their local pool because of the help we have given them over the phone.  We will answer any questions you have and if we cannot answer the question straight away we will get the answer straight away.

One of the most common questions we will get over the phone is

‘All my levels are perfect but my pool is cloudy’.

9 times out of 10 we will find out that the last a chlorine treatment and test was 2 – 3 days before calling us!

The key things to remember with your pool are as follows:

Chlorine or Any other sanitzer

Chlorine in your swimming pool is like a car with petrol. The more you use your pool the more chlorine you will use. Even when you are not using the pool the elements, such as sun and rain, will play a massive part in the pools levels. If you are having troubles check your chlorine and work off of the reading.

All the levels are right but the pool is still cloudy?

Once you are sure the levels in the pools water are where they want to be, but the pool is still cloudy or hazy, you have a few options.

1) Ensure all un nessecery debris and rubbish has been cleared from the pool

2) Ensure the pools filtration is clean.

Sand filters should be back washed regulary and ensure to change your sand every 4-5 years for maxium  effiency.

Cartridge filters should be kept clean. A deep cleansing wash is avaliable. Some cartridge filters come with a pressure gauge and when the pressure raises by a certain amount of psi it is time for a clean.

3) If the pool if clean, the filter is clean, but the pool is still cloudy or hazy then I would recommend a clarifer. A clarifer works by binding together  the particles and suspended matter in the water and should make them big enough for the filter to catch them.

If you find you still have no lucky in creating Sparkling pool water then its time to Floc the pool.A Floc treatment is one of the most guaranteed ways to clear a cloudy pool.

The basic technique is to  turn the circulation system off.

Evenly spread the treatment around the pool.

Leave the pool for around 24 hours.

Then hoover all of the settlement very slowly to waste.

The floc treatment works by coagulation, which means to create a settled solid on the pools floor. This treatment has turned some of the most heavily polluted pools from cloudy to gin clear in a matter of hours!

So if your pool has gone cloudy please check all of your levels on your testers first, correct them and then perform the above steps to create the perfect swimming pool to bathe in.


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