What if there is a water shortage this year! how can you save water in your swimming pool?

Obviously Deep End Pools undertakes varying swimming pool works in many areas in the Bucks, Berks, Oxon and Hert’s areas.

there are always some water table hot spots when it comes to swimming pools and we even know in varying areas of springs and holding water, however we have been very surprised on a number of projects where water would typically be present the ground is in fact very dry. This would lead us to believe like the very hot summer of 2006 that there may be water shortages in the heat of the swimming pool season this year 2009

In 2006 Deep End Pools dealt with the water shortages in the quickest possible way, offering advice to customers and installing water saving devices for swimming pools, we are well poised to do the same this swimming pool season.

How does a water shortage effect your swimming pools operation?

well we all know on common free board swimming pools, that the optimum water level is 50% into the skimmer, this is the perfect water level, now let’s assume a few backwash’s, some swimming pool usage, a couple of late nights not putting the swimming pool cover back on, and the water level drops in the swimming pool, now if the water level drops in a hose pipe ban condition, how you suggest you refill the pool? Ok if you are on an auto levelling device (subject to local supplier instruction), however what are your options if you do not have a auto levelling device maybe you could sneak out late at night so the neighbours do not see the cheeky hose pipe popping into the pool. Well the answer is, it is very difficult to do so. Leaving your pool potentially obsolete or the skimmer switched off at a minimum.

A hose pipe ban can prove a difficult situation when owning a swimming pool, so how can I help save water?

Simple a few devices now proven have entered the market place and they work:

  1. multicyclone water saving device, a post pump pre filter cyclone filter using centrifugal force to separate particle matter from the swimming pool water. Great item.
  2. cartridge filtration, cartridge filters in pools are becoming hugely popular less waste water, less cleansing of the filter is required and future service work can be catered for in house
  3. Backwash cartridge, a filter connecting to the back wash line of old conventional sand filter allowing you to flush the backwash water back into the pool! yes amazing

these are just a few of the gems on the swimming pool market helping you reduce you water consumption to your swimming pool at home.

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