What condition is your solar cover in?

So your opening up the swimming pool after the recent blast of sun, and your cover is spilling contact lens disc style plastic pieces all over the swimming pools water surface! arrrgghhh

Not only does this mean the cover has come to the end of its life, if left it can also mean that these small particles become a nuisance in the water sometimes passing the swimming pool pumps pre filter basket (very common on a Hayward pump) and blocking the impeller and or the sand filter.

Well this simply cannot be left as not only is this a visual problem, but it also means that your swimming pools ability to harness the energy from the sun and convert the sun’s rays into free heat may be compromised.

So our advice is to consider with immediate effect the replacement of the cover as early as possible within the swimming pool season, so you can benefit from the investment over the season.

Deep End Pools having recently published our products on line have a excellent spectrum of solar cover on offer, we have not chosen a cheap bubble cover supplier we have chosen one of the now best manufactured covers on the market today from certikin international ltd. your swimming pool solar cover will come neatly packaged with a warranty slip and a solar cover protector sheet.

We have chosen to stock most of the sizes in the certikin range and the blue silver solar cover grade being the most popular, sizes from 20′ x 10′ up to 36′ x 18′ are in stock ready for immediate dispatch. This year we have already sold the ever more popular sun cap range with a larger bubble on the water surface and a slightly thicker micron thickness. You are more than welcome to contact Deep End pools for all your swimming pool solar cover and bubble cover needs we can discuss the best options for you and help you find the most sensible cover for you given your budget.

Notes on swimming pool solar covers:

  1. your new bubble cover should come from a good manufacturer ideally certikin
  2. solar covers often come with a warranty be sure you receive the warranty card
  3. choosing your solar cover dependent upon the swimming pools location must be considered
  4. all bubble covers must be covered when not in use with you solar protector sheet
  5. A good swimming pool solar cover will save you lots of money when it comes to heating your pool
  6. ensure your swimming pool solar bubble cover is always on the pool when not in use
  7. your cover must be laid on the pool water with the bubbles in the water
  8. Always remove the solar cover when shock dosing the swimming pool in season until the chlorine level falls into an acceptable parameter.
  9. consider a leading edge boom or aqua blade solar cover attachment when purchasing a new cover
  10. whatever cover you choose: sun cap, jade gold, blue silver, silver diamond 400 micron blue the savings are there to be had get your swimming pool covered in 2009

In our online retail outlet in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire we have tangible samples you can touch and feel the quality difference of our certikn solar covers you are more than welcome to come in and discuss the options.

Or you may simple follow this link to purchase a new cover now online and ready for dispatch


we can even supply and fit your solar cover and take away your old one how about that?

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