Water and Energy Prices Set to Sore!

Water Prices are set to rise 17% over the next five years for Thames Water customers. Water rates are set to sore due to “Decades of under investment” said Chief Executive of Thames Water David Owen, “Bills have been artificially low for many years”. The rise is set to fund “Vital Upgrades” to the Thames Water systems. Prices have already risen by a third over the last 5 years.

This coupled with Energy prices expected to rise by up to 40% a year, over the next decade along with the current financial climate, means we have to really start thinking about how we can save energy and resources.

So here are some tips, advice and equipment to turn your pool environmentally friendly this season.

The first way to save money on our pools is to ensure all equipment is regularly serviced and kept up to full efficiency. Ensure you have no leaks, weeps or damaged pipe work as this will just be putting money straight down the drain. If you do know you have a leak, no need to worry as we have many ways in which we can locate, expose and repair the problem with minimal fuss.

Ensure you have a good cover to prevent any unnecessary evaporation which in turn will lead to extra chemical consumption and heating costs.

Install water saving devices such as cartridge filtration and  multi-cyclone which reduce the need for filter waste water and back washing frequency.

With the rising energy costs also look into more efficient ways of heating your pool. With the modern advances in heat pump technologies you can get up to 5 times worth of energy back out of the heater. Solar is also a very viable option for some pools. We have an ideal line for above ground pools.

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