Want a new look but not a new liner?

Deep End Pools have formed a good working relationship over the past few years with Neil and the team at Certikin North in Leeds. The Certikin North division supplies Deep End Pools with Liners and Covers and is fast becoming the top supplier in the country with their relentless developments and advancements in swimming pool covers and swimming pool liners.

Certikin North have released for the 2010 and season a range of liner accessories and modifications to either spruce up or revive an old but not yet finished liner.

TOPBORDER Self Adhesive Tile bands are a range of self adhesive borders that will bring the most faded of liner tile bands and tide lines back to life and give them a fresh breathe of life. The Top Border comes in a roll of self adhesive foil that would go round a normal 30’ x 15’ pool. The tile bands are available in many colours and designs and are very simple for a DIY installation.

Once you have refreshed your swimming pools tile band why not install a Pool Decor Graphic. Pool Decor Graphics are a range of very detailed swimming pool floor transfers.

They work on pools of lined, tiled or fibre glass finish. There are a range of 20 graphics available from patterns, sharks, dolphins or butterflies.

Pool Decors are supplied in a box ready to simply be rolled out and then simply laid flat on the swimming pools floor. The Pool Decor transfers can be installed in under 15 mins!

If you are not totally happy with the new Pool Decor you can simply peal it off of the floor and relay it in a different location as no glue or adhesive is used or required.

Certikin North have provided Deep End Pools with a whole host of solutions to your liner problems for 2010.

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