Viva Las Pool cleaner

Another addition to our line up of pool cleaners is the Aquabot Viva.

We have been able to secure even more bargain pool cleaners for all of our customers who have had enough of manual vaccing and have earned a well deserved rest at pool side.

This cleaner is ideal for those of have been wanting a robot at an affordable price.

The Viva is a direct competitor to the star vac 2, dolphin magic and the tiger shark.

The viva does have some advantages over the above with its longer cable at an amazing 23m!, Its ability to filter down to a tiny 2 micron and with the purchase of a remote control the ability to be controlled by the user to target stubborn bad areas.

We believe this cleaner to be one of the best value for money cleaners available to buy now.

With its three different filter cycles this cleaner will be leaving dolphin magics and tiger sharks in its wake.


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