VariTab – The Verdict

Deep End Pools recently became a Bayrol stockist and is getting increasing amounts of interest in the Bayrol VariTab water disinfection system.

Bayrol is by no means a new company to the world of water treatment, established in 1927 in Munich by chemist Heinz Pohl. The company name betrays its Bavarian origins (BAYR) and integrates the quality assured by the Pohl family (OL). The success story began with special chemical products for cleaning and caring for industrial goods. Two of the products created by the company’s founder are still the basis the most varied disinfection and cleaning processes.

The VariTab provides a new dimension in chlorine-based water care. It is the world’s first 2-phase tablet for sand filters. It disinfects and cleans in several stages.

In Phase 1 (blue tablet) there is shock chlorination and the filter is intensively cleaned and disinfected.

Phase 2 (white tablet) works for 10-14 days giving a thorough disinfection. A flocculating agent (clarifer) is released at the same time and the hardness stabiliser it contains also combats lime precipitation.

This especially effective combination of fast and slow dissolving disinfection thus assures double hygiene.

We currently have approx 10 – 20 pools in the local area running this system and we have had a very good response so far. The system is ideal for those looking for minimal effort in maintaining there pool.

VariTab gets the Deep End Pools thumbs up from our experiences and feedback from our customers.


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