Ultra Liner Install

Deep End Pools installed a a pioneering new  Liner from the UK’s top manufacturer Certikin North.

The new ‘Ultra Liner’ is far superior to existing bag liners avaliable on the market.

Deep End Pools top liner installers jumped at the opertunity to try out the new liner system. The benefits of the new liner system are an increased thickness 35 thou, (standard liners are 30 thou). The real benefit is that the tileband has 400% more lacquer than a traditional bag liner.  A tradional only has one coat but the Ultra liner has 4 coats! This is really beneficial to allow for maximium tileband finish for a lot longer than your standard liner.

Of course with the liner being of a far better quality this improves the warranty as well. A normal bag liner has a really strong warranty at 5 limited year. The new Ultra Liner has a 7 year limited warranty.

We honoured to have Certikin North’s Top Man Neil Stephenson  join us for the installation. This is the first installation of the new system and he joined Deep End Pools to get a first hand perspective of the installation.

Liner being rolled out by Deep End Pools Nick and Neil.


Nick and Neil clipping the liner into place.

Neil from Certikin North having a better look at how to install a liner round a built in step.

Liner in place


The proud team after a top install of a ‘Ultra Liner’. (Note shoes are removed)

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