The Swimming pool pump which one do i choose?

The engine of the swimming pool a swimming pool pump!

The swimming pool pump within the filtration system of any swimming pool has to be of good quality have a low noise output and a good flow rate sized correctly for the swimming pool.

We will try and review swimming pool pumps via this blog within the season based upon our experiences with each style and manufacturer and our own feedback and experience talks with member of our swimming pool service team in our Health and safety tool box talks.

The cast iron Pump

well there are not many cast iron swimming pool pumps in the residential swimming pool market nowadays, the old cast iron pumps tended to break down over a long period of time releasing iron into the swimming pool water often showing light brown staining to the swimming pool wall sections as the water leaves the filtration return pipe in the swimming pool. However some of the old Lee Howl swimming pool pumps must be nearing grand ages of 30 years or more, obviously now not in any way an efficient way of circulating the swimming pool water when compared to the new technologies in pumps available on the market now.

Self priming

Many new pumps are listed as self priming, please have caution when reading into this term, many if not all pre filter swimming pool pumps are self priming however you must ensure the pre-filter basket is prefilled with water this will flood the pump basket holder and the main pump body, wetting the pump seal allowing the seal to remain cool during the self priming process. Swimming pool pumps can often loose prime mainly due to minor faults within your swimming pool system, often air leaks from dry o’rings on the pump lid ball valve assembly’s pulling in air and multi port valve letting by pulling in air certainly never assume the pump can deal with all these faults, often pump failure can be blamed on poorly manufactured pumps etc when in fact many faults are with the operating system itself. if you require assistance identifying swimming pool air leak faults please feel free to call deep end pools 01494 671 787.

 Which pump do I choose?

Well let’s assume budget is no problem, then a great pump on the market is the euro star pump, a great motor and more importantly a really well sized pump basket, unlike the sta right pump 52PR this has a very small pump basket which does not work particularly well in leafy Buckinghamshire. however the 52PR pump offers a great home service aspect that you can gain entry to the swimming pool pump diffuser by loosening the steel band around the body and gaining entry to the impeller diffuser and pump seal, we do find that the Sta rite pumps are a little more prone to pump impeller blockage, we are sure this is down to the small basket often over packed with leafs, so the Euro star pump is less likely to have this problem, a new pump we will be adding to our swimming pool pump range is the silencer pump now this pump has all aspects large pump basket, easy access to swimming pool pump internals and the lowest noise output we have ever experienced! But all this comes at a price.

Buying a pump on a budget,

In our experience this really is a false economy, often lower priced pumps have issues with pump internal failure as the internal plastics used tend to be of a much lower grade, often snapping! and remember a swimming pool pump break down does not only mean a broken pump, but now no heat top up as the swimming pool heater will switch off and the worst possible problem the pool is not filtering there for potentially turning green arrrgghhh! More chemicals I hear you scream. So think when buying a pump for less money will I get pay back often no it will cost more in the end. The other thing to consider often when pumps are priced lower, less consideration is made during the manufacturer stage for noise output and pump bearing quality, so when the pump gets hot or even just on the initial switch on, of a low cost pump often you can tell the difference.

We will aim to update this post showing how to change a pump seal on a sta rite pump and general tips on how to look after your pool pump long term.

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