The Swimming Pool Outdoor ‘Open’ Season Has Started

This week has seen the first of our summer open ups or summations! One of our Swimming Pool Engineers opened a swimming pool in Torquay Devon and early reports being:

High water levels

Good swimming pool clarity

Good condition winter cover

Very little debris in the swimming pool

Well this is what we expect being we actually closed the pool the previous year, so once again if you have not opened your pool early our suggestion is simply have a peak under the cover and check your pool is all clear.

Our Pool Engineer added our usual drill of high quality chemicals Bartlett’s summer clear algaecide and Fi clor super fast shock granules

The system has been left online set on 24hr running until the swimming pool has achieved 8 turnover periods and chlorine level has settled then on with the swimming pool heating can commence.

For summer opening chemicals buy online or phone for advice:

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