The Big Freeze Swimming Pool Winter Advice

Today the 2nd February 2009 has shown us that the good old fashioned British weather can still catch us all out from time to time, today having experienced some 6″ of snowfall with freezing temperatures and set to continue for the forthcoming week!

How does this affect your pool, well it is times like these your winter debris cover really comes under strain, as the snow loads upon the cover the weight can become immense so a good inspection of the cover in the spring is recommended for rips tears and any general damage.

More concerning for these sub temperatures for swimming pools is frost damage, we are expectant of some failed pools this spring! this is now the second cold snap we have experienced this winter with some reported temperatures in Gerard’s cross as low as -12 this can cause skimmer damage, pipe work failure and often plant room damage the expanding ice cracking pump body’s, filters and heaters especially aged tropic isle boilers and Teledyne laars heater systems.

It is not too late in the season to install a frost stat, the purpose of the frost stat being you have the ability to leave the equipment connected all winter and the frost stat will monitor when the outside temperature, when the temperature reaches freezing the frost stat will activate the pump thus circulating water around the swimming pool, for as long as the water is flowing around every pipe such as the sump, skimmers and vacuum line (very important all lines are open) the water is highly unlikely to freeze.

Obviously you will have to monitor the pool, topping up winter chemicals ensuring the system has no leaks or none have developed a frost stat in this colder periods really can help you swimming pool survive the summer.

We sell frosts stats for around £80 ish a great investment giving you greater control and safety in colder snaps.

and when all the snow melts as you will appreciate this means water, lots of excess water filling the pool and diluting the winter chemicals so a good top up in the forthcoming weeks is advisable with some Bartlett’s winter clear.

You may wish to consider an early open for any outdoor swimming pool this season then any issues can be remedied sooner rather than later!

Wrap up warm. Deep End Pools


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