Swimmy Nocchi Pumps in stock review Sta Rite Onga

Having just carried out an inspection of our recent stock of Swimmey Nocchi pumps, we have noted some distinct differences between the old Sta Rite Ongar pump and the Swimmey Nocchi pump.

The Nocchi pump is supported via Pentair water so the warranty is two years as opposed to the sta rite Ongar being one year, and very important for us a distributor the rear casing to the pump is metal this is great news as any light knocks within the plant room or even an over enthusiastic delivery driver would certainly have to go some to damage this pump!

The Nocchi swimmey pump is a direct replacement pump for the sta- rite Ongar swimming pool pump, the swimmey pump comes with the unions already pre-glued onto the body of the pump which also makes self fitting a little less stressful when compared to the Ongar being an onsite glued joint! (Room for error)

We are holding vast stock of the Nocchi for immediate dispatch same day delivery in the local area to us. The Nocchi pumps are carefully tested prior to leaving the factory this we believe is true as you are left with a 200mm tail of cable leading from the pump when packaged, unlike the Ongar.

The pump comes with o’rings and two styles of adaptors that can be fitted threaded 1.5″ and Glued 1.5″ so you can keep the left over as spares or simply discard them.

The Swimmy nocchi is a great little budget pump with a good warranty from Pentair it’s a no brainer for a Sta Rite pump replacement we can install your swimming pool pump for you in Bucks, Berks, Oxon, Herts.

For nocchi orders call 01494 671787 now

Prices from £195! In stock ready for immediate delivery!


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Sta Rite Onga Swimmy Nocchi Pump

Sta Rite Onga Swimmy Nocchi Pump

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