Swimming Pool Winter Shut Down

Deep End Pools are starting to to get enquiries for Swimming Pool Winterization for the end 2009 Swimming Pool season.

These enquiries mainly being Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Denham, Iver, Windsor, Maidenhead, Cookham, Henley, High Wycombe, Princes Risbourough and Aylesbury. Mean that we all pretty much come up against the same elements and problems over the winter months, mainly being harsh frost and to much rain.

At the the start of the 2009 season we had been to a number of pools that were either shut down incorrectly or simply just switched off for the winter closed season. This led to a significant number of underground leaks, pipes split, pumps corroded and boilers cracked from the very harsh 2008/2009 winter months.

This winter is expected to be much the same with temperatures dropping well into the negative figures, which again can lead to more plumbing and equipment issues through the winter months which will lead to a much delayed start to the 2010 swimming season.

To make sure your swimming pool equipment is left in top condition and has the best possible chance of making it through the cold winter months why not arrange for Deep End Pools to CLOSE your swimming pool for the season for you.

The service will reduce the risk of mechanical failures next year and will minimize the chances of your pool going green over the winter months.

Deep End Pools customers who had their pool CLOSED by Deep End Pools, then had additional Winter Call Back Services, were swimming up to 4 weeks sooner than customers who closed their pools themselves.

This is due to the fact that Deep End Pools closely monitored the pools through the Winter Months and when time for opening the pool came back around the pool simply had to be recommissioned.

Where as customers who closed the pools themselves had to deal with leaky shaft seals on pumps, green pools, cracked sand filters and sometimes even new liners due to the correct measures not being taken at the end of the swimming season.

To arrange for your pool to be closed by Deep End Pools or to arrange for your pool to be winterised for it to stand the best chance against the elements this winter.

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