Swimming Pool Winter Covers – Ready to Dispatch

Swimming Pool Winter Debris Covers are one of, if not the most important part of winterising your swimming pool for winter 2009.

A good winter debris cover such as a Certikin Standard winter debris cover will be a barrier to prevent leaves, twigs, moss and all other types of debris falling into you pool. When leaves into the pool they can break down if not vacuumed or netted out. The leaves will break down which can cause stains in your pools shell and leave you with some rather unsightly stains.

The cover also prevents a substantial amount of sunlight from getting to the water’s surface. The sunlight will speed up chemical consumption which if you do not have winter call back services can lead to a green pool next spring.

Deep End Pools have a massive selection of Winter Debris Covers that the majority of popular sizes held in stock ready to dispatch for delivery next day. If your cover is not in stock it is normally a 7 – 10 day wait and then you will have a one of custom cover made for you.

Certikin Standard winter Debris Covers are made to very high standards at their specialist cover and liner manufacturing facility in Leeds. The Team at Certikin North specialise in cover and liner production and this allows them to 100% focus on covers and liners. This really shows when you compare them side by side with some inferior winter debris covers.

The covers all come complete with a heavy duty storage bag, stainless steel p pins and springs.  

So for one of the best winter debris covers available on the market at the very best price call


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