Swimming pool winter checks, what to look out for, a few pointers to help swimming pool ownership.

Deep End Pools, has recently closed in the region of 85% of our customer base pools now, and we turn to how we best prepare these pools to ensure they are trouble free in the spring time gone are the days of close the pool and forget, as in the spring you could have a nasty surprise. If you are not currently using Deep End Pools for your winter servicing call us and we can advise you best on how your pool man should be caring for your pool in the winter.

So the pool is closed for the winter, winter cover is on system drained down or running on late night timer mode or frost stat that is right? No.

in October the last of the leaves fall, if left in the bottom this could stain your liner, all the pigments form the leaf could leach from the leaf in the cocktail of winter chemicals and cause a stain. So how do fix this?

Well simple remove the cover and either net the main of the leaves away or hire a professional to revac the pool floor.

Water level

we experience wetter periods more rain the pool will fill, diluting the swimming pool winter chemicals and rendering the winter close useless so re- measure the levels re evaluate the water clarity and add the chemicals as needed.

also keep an eye on the pool level in general surprisingly leaks can simply happen for no apparent reason in the winter months so a drop in level could be a sign of a problem call the swimming pool company in straight away, to investigate.

Equipment check

If you’re running a winter timer just to circulate the water please check the pump periodically for leaks and noise, and failure here going unnoticed could be costly if it goes wrong.


Once all the winds have calmed and leaves are down give your pool surround areas a good sweep and clean, keep the surrounds from becoming stained etc.


please be very careful working next to a partially empty swimming pool in those frosty icy conditions, one slip could be fatal especially if you have lowered the water level too low getting out could prove very difficult, bear this in mind for animals also!

Safety covers

The cover pump must be on! Always very difficult in frosty conditions as they do tend to freeze up and not pump any water so please keep your eye on the pump and ensure the water does clear once melted.

a few little tips and pointers there for Swimming pool Diy’er or tips to swimming pool engineers that don’t have the knowledge, get this wrong and you could cost you client some unwanted spend, in the spring.

Deep End Pools offers swimming pool winter services tailored for your budget and spend and requirements.

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