Swimming Pool Shop Picture of The Month June


This lady was so impressed with Deep End Pools Solar over Prices that she could not wait to go home and get the car and so strapped the 15ft Pool Cover to th back of her bicycle! 

How do I enter?

Deep End Pools have started a competition to make use of all of the great images our customers send us.

The images can be of you enjoying your pool or spa. Any parties or events or just one of your pool or spa with really cool lighting around it.

We ask that you send your images to info@deependpools.co.uk and give us a brief description of what is happening in the photo.

The winner will receive a goody bag and the honour of being on the Deep End Pools site for a whole month in pride of place.

The winning picture will get marked on:

  • Fun – We love to see smiles on everybodies faces /has to be suitable for all audiences young and old.
  • Effect – Marks will be given for good use of lighting and good composition.
  • Real – If we can see that it is a real image with everyone enjoying themselves then this will score more than a still plain image.

The lucky winner will get a bag of treats for use in their pool or spa, depending on what in featured in the photo.

Good luck to all!

info@deependpools.co.uk for entries – Closing Date is the last day of each calendar month.


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